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2019 Top 10 students

2019 Top 100 recipients 

Neuroscience student named IUPUI's Most Outstanding Student for 2019

IUPUI recognized the top 10 undergraduates at this year's Top 100 dinner.

With 45 students on the Top 100 list, the School of Science was already celebrating. When awards were given April 12 at the 2019 Top 100 dinner, five School of Science students were named to the Top 10 as well as the Most Outstanding Student.

Jason Kabir, neuroscience major, was named Most Outstanding Student for 2019. Kabir and the top 10 students were selected using a panel of judges that consisted of alumni, faculty and staff. Scholastic achievement, co-curricular activities and community service weigh heavily on the selection process. 



School of Science students in the top 10 are:

Rabiah Amjad Biology & Neuroscience
Kira Couch Biology
Nirapuma Devanathan Biology & Philanthropy 
Jason Kabir Neuroscience
Juan Sanchez Castro Biology & Neuroscience 
Kaylee Tutrow Neuroscience & Psychology

Tutrow was also on the top 10 list for 2018.

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