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Honors sisters stride side-by-side throughout undergraduate careers

From the IUPUI Honors College

INDIANAPOLIS -- For seniors Monica and Regina Barron, IUPUI has been a road they never had to walk alone. Aside from shared genetics, the two are recognizable in the Honors College for their synchronicities in academic excellence and the obvious connection they share.

The sisters are a duo within a set of triplets in a family of nine children. The oldest of the triplets, Bernadette, also attends IUPUI in the School of Education. Monica and Regina find their home away from home in the School of Science, both studying Medicinal Chemistry. The two also work on projects in the same research lab, studying with Dr. Frédérique Deiss in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

They do practically everything together, share books and class schedules, and can even finish each other’s sentences. While the two Chancellor’s Scholars have walked side-by-side during their undergraduate career, they have different plans for after graduation in May. Regina hopes for acceptance into medical school while Monica will apply to graduate school.


Monica (left)
Regina (right)

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