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Addiction Reseachers Showcase

Faculty, public officials and treatment professionals gathered for the Addiction Researchers Showcase.

School of Science faculty discuss critical issues at Addiction Researchers Showcase

School of Science faculty, public officials and treatment professionals came together for the IUPUI School of Science Addiction Researchers Showcase held on August 14.Christopher Lapish

Researchers from the School of Science and School of Medicine presented on their cutting-edge research in various areas of addiction.

Topics discussed included school-based programs for adolescent drug use, rapid-result screening tools for synthetic drugs, and the decision-making process of a person with an addiction.

"With researchers from addiction neuroscience, chemistry, and psychology, our School is impacting addiction research in varied, important ways," said School of Science Dean Simon Rhodes. "We take our mission to serve the state of Indiana seriously, and our researchers are impacting the wellbeing of residents by contributing relevant scholarship in this critical area."

Speakers at the showcase included Marian Logrip, assistant professor, addiction neuroscience; Christopher Lapish, associate professor, addiction neuroscience (pictured); Brandon Oberlin, assistant professor, psychology and psychiatry (School of Medicine); Melissa Cyders, associate professor, clinical psychology; Tamika Zapolski, assistant professor, clinical health psychology; Nicholas Manicke, assistant professor, chemistry and chemical biology; and Michelle Salyers, professor, clinical psychology.

November 2018 Update: Indiana University's Responding to the Addictions Crisis Grand Challenge announces 15 new projects including two for School of Science researchers


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