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Your 2018 Top 100 Science Students!

School of Science announces Top 100 Students for 2018

The IUPUI School of Science is excited to announce that 41 of its students were recognized by the IUPUI Alumni Council and the Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR) at the Top 100 Outstanding Students Recognition Dinner on April 13.

INDIANAPOLIS – With 41 students on this year’s Top 100 list, nearly half of the students recognized are enrolled in the School of Science. This year’s Top 100 honorees were recognized at the annual awards dinner where the Top 10 students and Top student were also named.

A panel of alumni, faculty and staff select the top students based on nominations by faculty and staff. The students who were selected show strength in scholastic achievement, collegiate and co-curricular activities and civic/community service.

The following School of Science students were named to the 2018 Top 100:

Alaa Abdeldaiem Psychology
Richard Anderson III Neuroscience / Biotechnology
Curtis Auterson B.S. Neuroscience
Daniel Bose Biology
Hannah Bozell Neuroscience
Ian Burke Biochemistry
Gracyn Burns Psychology
Alexander Dile Biology
Elyse Feder Biology B.S. and Neuroscience B.S.
Courtney Finnearty Forensic Investigative Science, Biology BS
Jacob Hamilton Biology 
Alexander Heymann Chemistry A.C.S. Cert. BSCH - Biological Chemistry
Cody Howell Forensic and Investigative Sciences and Biology
Amrita Hundal Neuroscience
Olivia Johnson Chemistry BS
Ibrahim Khan Chemistry B.A. & Biology B.S. 
Theresa Lai Chemistry
Isaac Lamb Biology and Neuroscience
Rachel Larsen Neuroscience
Kevin Lema Biology B.S., Neuroscience B.S.
Hope Luker Biology and MHHS (Medical Humanities and Health Studies)
Amira Nafiseh B.S. Biology, B.S. Neuroscience & B.A. Medical Humanities & Health Studies
Dana Oakes Biology and Neuroscience
Victor Olafusi Victor Akindolani Olafusi
Abigail  Parker Biology, Spanish
Samantha Peak Biology
Taylor Pemberton Psychology (Pre-Med Track)
Sarah Posante Biology and Spanish
Colton Pratt Biology B.S., History B.A.
Rebekah Reynolds Chemistry 
Emily Sampson Chemistry
Karmjot Singh Biology and Neuroscience
Maggie Stinnett Chemistry, French
Michael Stottlemyer Math Education 
Kaylee Tutrow Neuroscience, Psychology 
Nina Ustymchuk Neuroscience and Psychology
Kailey Vernon Psychology
Shelbie Walker Chemistry
Jake Whiteside Jake Whiteside
Jordan Williams Psychology
Christian Winter Neuroscience


The School of Science at IUPUI is committed to excellence in teaching, research and service in the biological, physical, behavioral and mathematical sciences. The school is dedicated to being a leading resource for interdisciplinary research and science education in support of Indiana's effort to expand and diversify its economy.

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