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Nine Science students receive 2018 Plater Medallion

The IUPUI of Science is proud to announce nine Science students were awarded the William M. Plater Civic Engagement Medallion during a ceremony earlier this month.

INDIANAPOLIS – The William M. Plater Civic Engagement Medallion is designed to honor graduating IUPUI students who have shown an exemplary commitment to the community and who have developed an ethic of civic mindedness. This engagement includes activities such as volunteer or pro-bono service at a non-profit agency, participation in service learning courses, voluntary service abroad or involvement with a faculty member on a community-based research project.

The following list includes the 2018 Plater Civic Engagement Medallion recipients in the School of Science. Please join us in congratulating these students for their dedication and commitment to civic engagement. 

  • Micah Faidley
  • Courtney Finnearty
  • Rebekah Lawson
  • Victor Olafusi
  • Abigail Parker
  • Emily Sampson
  • Kailey Vernon
  • Dominique Whitley
  • Jenny Yang
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