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CS grad students research accepted at High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing conference.

CS students' research paper accepted at top High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing conference.

INDIANAPOLIS- Computer Science PhD students Yuankun Fu and Feng Li (advised by Professor Fengguang Song) submitted research on the performance analysis and optimization of In-situ integration of simulation with data analysis: zipping applications up. This research explored the challenges of combining HPC with data-intensive computing and the proposed methodology to combat this challenge was an advanced framework called Zipper.  Zipper is designed to enable an important class of applications that require the combination of HPC with large data analysis for online or real-time scientific discovery at extreme scales using supercomputers.

Yuankun Fu and Feng Li's research was accepted by the High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing (HPDC) conference this year.  This conference is highly selective and only 20 research papers are accepted globally each year, with this year's acceptance rate being 18%.


Written By: Tiffany Essex (tielesse@iu.edu)

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