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Students learning code on a Mac computer

Through this event, the IUPUI School of Science empowers high school students to become active citizens in our technology-driven world.

2017 Computer Science Day at IUPUI announced

More than 120 high school students will compete on March 10 in the 11th annual Computer Science Day at IUPUI.

INDIANAPOLIS — Through this event, the IUPUI School of Science empowers high school students to become active citizens in our technology-driven world.

Organized by the Department of Computer and Information Science and sponsored by Kinney Group, TechPoint Foundation For Youth, IUPUI Computer Science Club and School of Science Undergraduate Student Council, Computer Science Day gives high school students the opportunity to participate in one of three hands-on experiences: game programming, intermediate programming + problem solving or advanced programming + problem solving. All three experiences engage students in applying computer science in creative ways; the game programming track gives students the opportunity to create a working game that is ready to play by the end of the event.

Participants will also gain exclusive insights into the computer science industry through a panel featuring IUPUI computer science alumni, graduate and undergraduate students and local professionals who will discuss their backgrounds, work environments and the direction of Indiana’s technology industry. High school teachers will have the opportunity to participate in training workshops during the student competition.

Computer Science Day is one of the busiest times of year for IUPUI’s Computer Science Club. As the club’s president, Nicholas Hubbard is excited to volunteer this year along with his fellow club members.

“Computer Science Day is not only a great experience for the high-school students that we bring on campus, it’s also great for the undergrads who get to share their passion,” Hubbard said. “I’m excited to connect high school students with the opportunities available by studying computer science.”

For more information, visit science.iupui.edu/computerscienceday.

Media Note:

This event will serve as a snapshot into the computer science industry and its economic importance in Indiana and beyond. To arrange interviews with teachers, industry experts and students, please contact Candace Gwaltney with the School of Science at IUPUI at (317)-274-0685 or cmgwaltn@iupui.edu.

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