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Geology alumnus receives Distinguished Alumnus Award

The IUPUI School of Science Alumni Association has presented Paul Doss, Ph.D., with the 2016 Science Distinguished Alumnus Award.

INDIANAPOLIS – Doss, a 1986 geology alumnus accepted the award after presenting his talk “Water Wars: Earth Science and Capitol Hill” and leading a discussion about environmental science and public policy at the October IUPUI Science on Tap, a monthly event that showcases Science alumni and faculty research.

“Over the course of his career, Paul has set himself apart with his work in education and on capitol hill,” Colin Terry, the School of Science Alumni Board President said. “We are proud to call him one of our graduates and the recipient of the School of Science Distinguished Alumnus Award.”

Doss’ achievements are extensive and diverse, ranging from mentoring more than 50 undergraduate student research projects to serving as chair of the Geological Society of America’s Geology and Public Policy Committee. He has written more than 20 scientific publications, many of which have been widely cited in scientific literature in regards to wetland hydrogeology and public policy.

Stephen R. Mattox, Ph.D., professor of geology at Grand Valley State University and IUPUI geology alumnus commends Doss’ passion for environmental science research and education.

“Fundamental to Paul’s worldview is a love of nature and science and the importance of making science meaningful and accessible to students and the public,” Mattox said. “Informed by his research, he helps individuals better understand environmental science.”

One of the many ways Doss disseminates environmental concerns to the public is through community outreach. He presented his seminar “The Sixth Extinction… What in the World are we doing to our World?” in 2016 at Science with a Twist in Evansville. Doss also taught at the nationally recognized Indiana University Geologic Field Station in Montana.

“When I dedicated my career to higher education, it was because of IUPUI that I committed myself to teach in undergraduate institutions,” Doss said. “The IUPUI geology faculty, but notably Dr. Bob Hall and Dr. Art Mirsky, taught me how to observe, question, and think like a scientist. I am proud of my IUPUI education, and thankful for the recognition of distinguished alumnus.

Doss is a professor at USI and served as the Department Chair of Geology and Physics at USI from 1998-2006. He received his Ph.D. in geology from Northern Illinois University in 1991.

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