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School of Science presents awards at the 41st Annual Honors Convocation

Numerous School of Science students, faculty and staff were recognized during the 41st annual Honors Convocation on April 11 in downtown Indianapolis.

INDIANAPOLIS-- The event honored scholarship winners and outstanding students across all science departments.

Associate Dean of the School of Science and associate professor of biology, Kathy Marrs, served as the mistress of ceremonies. Robert L. Smith, M.B.A., President of the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation and Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility at Eli Lilly and Company provided the keynote address at the ceremony.

The following school awards were issued:

 School of Science Awards

Faculty and staff awards:

  • Trustee Teaching Awards: Julia C. Arciero, Ph.D., Mathematical Science; Brenda J. Blacklock, Ph.D., Chemistry and Chemical Biology; James H. Hill, Ph.D., Computer and Information Science; Nancy A. Kitt, M.A., Mathematical Sciences; Eric C. Long, Ph.D., Chemistry and Chemical Biology; Kevin L. Rand, Ph.D., Psychology; Edward A. Rhoads, Ph.D., Physics; Denise L. Slayback-Barry, Ph.D., Biology
  • Research Awards for Tenure-Track Faculty: Haibo Ge, Ph.D., Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • Research Award for Tenured Faculty: Jesse C. Stewart, Ph.D., Psychology
  • Service Award: Mihran Tuceryan, Ph.D., Computer and Information Science
  • Full-time Lecturer Service Award: Brian A. Woodahl, Ph.D, Physics
  • Associate Faculty Award: Dennis J. Eckert, M.S., Mathematics
  • Academic Advising Award: Julie M. Landaw, M.Ed., Biology
  • Partners in Education Full-time Staff Awards: Kurt Kulhavy, Biology; Nicole M. Wittlief, Computer and Information Science
  • Teaching Assistant Award: Sumedha H. Rathhnayake

Student awards and scholarships: 

  • Chancellor’s Scholar Award: Ahmad B. Barhoumi, Mathematics & Mechanical Engineering
  • Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award Nominees: Shannon L. Cook, Forensic and Investigative Sciences; Hardeep K. Dhillon, Biology & Neuroscience
  • Indumati Sukhatme RISE Scholarship: Rebekah L. Hodge, Neuroscience & Psychology
  • William H. And Elizabeth M. Reid RISE Scholarship: Audrieanna M. Kramer, Biology
  • Geraldine and David Rigdon RISE Scholarship: Jacob R. Heyerdahl, Neuroscience
  • John D. Barnwell Memorial Scholarship: Jessica Fry, Physics; Whitney M. Walker, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Frank G. and Ernestine M. Lambertus Scholarship: Imaani I.-N. Washington, Biology
  • Robert W. Tuveson Memorial Scholarship: Ruben S. Naoye, Biology
  • Alumni Association Academic Achievement Scholarship: Elyse M. Feder, Biology; Victor A. Olafusi, Biology
  • Class of ’84 Honors Student Scholarship: Salamatu O. Momoh, Chemistry
  • The Indianapolis Project SEED Scholarships: Arwa K. Mohammad, Biology; Ahsan Sohail Biomedical Engineering
  • Women in Science Scholars: Stacey A. Abshire, Mathematics; Oluwaseyi O. Awonusi, Biology; Allie N. Ball, Biology; Jessica M. Bosse, Chemistry & Forensic and Investigative Sciences; Emma C. Brown, Chemistry; Grace A. Connolly, Forensic and Investigative Sciences; Ann M. Duffield, Biology; Alissa Flores, Forensic and Investigative Sciences; Melissa Gronceski, Biology & Neuroscience; Katherine P. Haskell, Forensic and Investigative Sciences; Stephanie Hastings, Psychology; Olivia P. Kuczmanski, Health Science; Susan R. Mertz, Neuroscience & Psychology; Nidhi P. Parekh, Biology; Emily A. Parker, Biology & Neuroscience; Krista L. Poker, Forensic and Investigative Sciences; Sarah Potter, Biology; Bernetia T. Powell, Forensic and Investigative Sciences; Anjali Prakash, Biology; Arnesha L. Price, Psychology; Christina Rhinehart, Biology; Kristin Richards, Forensic and Investigative Sciences; Melanie E. Scheive, Neuroscience; Crystal Sorg, Chemistry; Kailey E. Stancombe, Neuroscience & Psychology; Nicole J. Taflinger, Biology & Management; Meredith B. Warbinton, Biology & Forensic and Investigative Sciences; Brittany N. Williams, Psychology; Bailey M. Wills, Forensic and Investigative Sciences

Biology Awards

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Award: 
    • Bachelor of Arts: Meaghan K. Merkle, Biology
    • Bachelor of Science: Weston B. Wright, Biology
  • Ronald E. Kirk Award: Joowon Lee, Biology; Ayodamola J. Otun, Biology
  • Richard O. McCracken Memorial Scholarship: Palakpreet Kaur, Biology; Casey A. Miller, Biology
  • Joseph Russo Memorial Scholarship: Nicole S.-L. Lindsay, Biology
  • Tah-Tah Self Achievement Award: Sharifah Kyazike, Biology
  • Outstanding Research Award:
    • Undergraduate: Andrew D. Engle, Biology
    • Master: Kylie A. Corry, Biology
    • Doctorate: Chun-Yu Tung, Biology
  • Elizabeth Steele Creveling Memorial Scholarship:  Anne A. Andere, Biology

Chemistry and Chemical Biology Awards

  • Patricia A. Boaz Award: Derek B. Rohlfing, Chemistry
  • Loren T. Jones Award: Devin M. Bready, Chemistry
  • Frank J. Welcher Award: Alexander S. Walls, Chemistry
  • American Institute of Chemists Student Research and Recognition Award: Jessica M. Bosse, Chemistry & Forensic and Investigative Sciences
  • Bonner-Ferguson-Kelley Scholarship: Dan Preston, Biology
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Analytical Chemistry Student:  J. Lincoln Wallis, Chemistry
  • Scott Alan Kent Memorial Scholarship: Tyler L. Terhune, Chemistry
  • Loren T. Jones Memorial Scholarship: Martin Kurek, Chemistry
  • CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award: Elyse M. Feder, Biology
  • Rich-Keller Elementary Chemistry Scholarship: Audrey M. Geis, Medical Imaging Technology; Dawt L. Sung, Computer Engineering
  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology Graduate Dissertation Scholar: Dana E. Bors, Chemistry 

Computer and Information Science Awards

  • Gersting Award for an Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Philip J. Heebner, Computer Science
  • Gersting Award for an Outstanding Graduate Student: Lahiru S. Pileththuwasan Gallege, Computer Science
  • Raymond & Jane Chin Undergraduate Research Award: Samuel Beckman, Computer Science
  • Gloria and Andrew Olson Undergraduate Service Award: John R. Dennert, Computer Science
  • Promising Freshman Award: Nicholas Hubbard, Computer Science
  • Teaching Assistant Award: Lahiru S. Pileththuwasan Gallege, Computer Science

Earth Sciences Awards

  • Air and Waste Management Association Scholarship for an Undergraduate Student: Theresa E. Hudson, Environmental Science
  • Indiana Geology and Gem Scholarship: Alyssa Henke, Geology
  • Earth Sciences Alumni Scholarship: David M. Weaver, Geology
  • Dr. Arthur Mirsky Geology Scholarship: Eric A. Alt, Geology; Justin A. Clark, Geology; Chelsea L. Conduitt, Geology; Reina Hiramatsu, Geology; Lajoi Shelton, Geology; David M. Weaver, Geology
  • Women in Geology (CACC Geology) Scholarship: Amanda R. Brumbaugh, Geology

Forensic and Investigative Sciences Awards

  • Outstanding Research Award: Shannon L. Cook, Forensic and Investigative Sciences; Angela F. Salamone, Forensic and Investigative Sciences
  • Academic Achievement Award: Jessica M. Bosse, Forensic and Investigative Sciences & Chemistry
  • Student Leadership Award: Alissa Flores, Forensic and Investigative Sciences

Mathematical Sciences Awards

  • Yuri Abramovich Memorial Scholarship: Ahmad B. Barhoumni, undergraduate Mathematics & Mechanical Engineering; Lucia Carichino, advanced graduate Mathematics; Lauren Lembcke, undergraduate Mathematics; Joel Zirkle, undergraduate Mathematics & Physics
  • Anna K. Suter Scholarship: Marian T. DeLee, Mathematics Teaching; Grand M. Gish, Mathematics; Simran S. Gurdasani, Mathematics; Olivia N. Smith, Mathematics
  • Charalambos D. Aliprantis Prize: Kang Lu, Mathematics 
  • Outstanding Beginning Graduate Student Award: Chenghao Chu, Biostatistics; Kang Lu, Mathematics
  • Outstanding Advanced Graduate Student Award: Samuel J. Roth, Mathematics; Joyce Zhan, Biostatistics
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award: Sumedha H. Rathnayake, Mathematics; Samuel J. Roth, Mathematics
  • Outstanding Senior Actuarial Science Major Award: Frances T. Akalusi, Mathematics
  • Outstanding Senior Applied Math Major Award: Travis M.D. Asher, Mathematics
  • Outstanding Senior Math Education Major Award: Andra Edgell, Mathematics Teaching
  • Outstanding Senior Pure Math Major Award: Ahmad B. Barhoumi, Mathematics & Mechanical Engineering; Joel Zirkle, Mathematics and Physics
  • Outstanding Graduating Master’s Student in Statistics Program Award: Dongling Fei, Mathematics-Applied Statistics
  • Outstanding Math Assistance Center Mentor and Tutor Award: Matthew E. Vanderpohl, Computer Engineering 
  • Outstanding Math Assistance Center Mentor Award: Paker D. Leisure, Motorsports Engineering
  • Math Major Spirit Award: Stacey Abshire, Mathematics
  • Bernie Morrel Faculty Teaching Award:
    • Full-Time: Daniel A. Ramras, Ph.D., Mathematical Sciences
    • Part-Time: Kenda S. Hamersley, M.S., Mathematical Sciences

Neuroscience Awards:

  • Neuroscience Academic Excellence Award: Hardeep K. Dhillon, Neuroscience & Biology
  • Neuroscience Outstanding Research Award: Darryl S. Watkins, Neuroscience

Physics Awards

  • University Physics Award: Kevin D. Galler, Computer Engineering
  • Forrest T. Meiere Prize for and Outstanding Undergraduate Physics Major: Jacob E. Muldoon, Physics
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Joseph S. Suelzer, Physics
  • Han Paik Mentoring Award: Qurat-ul-Ann Mirza, Physics & Mathematics

Psychology Awards

  • Robert G. Neel Award: Maili Sickels, Psychology; Stacy Slavings, Psychology
  • Robert I. Long Award: Andreww B. Entezari, Psychology
  • Psi Chi Scholarship: Danielle Tapp, Psychology
  • John F. Kremer Undergraduate Mentor Award: Yarita Perez, Psychology
  • Undergraduate Research Award: Andree B. Entezari, Psychology; Victoria R. MacLain, Psychology
  • Outstanding Student Teaching Award:
    • Undergraduate Student: Erin R. Winkelpleck, Psychology
    • Graduate Student: Samantha M. Meints, Clinical Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology Award: Ruth L. Firmin, Clinical Psychology; Joseph G. Winger, Clinical Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology Award for Citizenship: Samantha M. Meints, Clinical Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology Award for Research Excellence: Rebecca N. Adams, Clinical Psychology
  • Paul J. McKinley Award: Meredith E. Halcomb, Addiction Neuroscience
  • Outstanding Industrial and Organizational Psychology Graduate Student Award: Morgan D. Jones, Industrial / Organizational Psychology
  • Outstanding Practicum Supervisor Award: Ann M. Lagges, Ph.D., Psychiatry


The School of Science at IUPUI is committed to excellence in teaching, research and service in the biological, physical, behavioral and mathematical sciences. The school is dedicated to being a leading resource for interdisciplinary research and science education in support of Indiana's effort to expand and diversify its economy. For more information, visit science.iupui.edu.

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