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  • Women in science house students jumping together in front of a science building
  • Students having a meeting in the Women in Science House study room
  • Students playing cards in a women in science house apartment

Women in Science House

The Women in Science House (WISH) is an on-campus residential living and learning community for outstanding female science students of various class years and majors. WISH fosters an environment of academic and professional development and provides a nurturing atmosphere for personal growth. The mission of the Women in Science House is to provide tools of success for these bright young female scientists and professionals in a collaborative environment. WISH residents engage in academic activities that enhance educational success: research learning experiences, job shadowing experiences, mentoring, and service learning and community-based activities.  The students and alumni of WISH have flourished during their time at IUPUI and beyond. WISH has impacted the undergraduate education and personal development of many women in the School of Science. Women in Science House residents will recieve a minimum of $1,000 scholarship package for the academic year.

 "Living in WISH provided me with several networking opportunities, tools to succeed in undergraduate, and how to prepare for my future. I had several mentors and have made friends for life to guide me." - Neelam Shah 2010 - 2013

"The camaraderie within the house is remarkable. By living here I have been immersed in an environment of ambitious women who are dedicated to all that they do and were a daily inspiration for me to do more and be more." - Jessica Jackson 2008 - 2012

Our programming includes monthly social and academic events, plus:

  • Mentoring
  • Academic Bowl Teams
  • Relay for Life
  • Zoo Boo!
  • Field Day for Relay
  • MLK Day
  • Ceasar Chavez Day of Service
  • WISH Valentine's Day Semi-Formal
  • Volunteering at Gleaners
  • Make a Difference Day

Learn more about us

Executive Board (2016-2017)