The goal of the Undergraduate Women in Science Council (UWIS) is to aid women in achieving a more enriching undergraduate experience through service, academic and professional resources, leadership opportunities, and a supportive community of women that share an interest for science. UWIS was founded in 2012 with the mission of instilling passion and providing women in the IUPUI science community with valuable opportunities during their undergraduate careers.

The Undergraduate Women in Science Council upholds the following core beliefs:

  • Empower women to engage a more active role in the science fields.
  • Provide academic and professional resources to help women excel.
  • Instill community involvement through service.
  • Enhance undergraduate experience by providing social opportunities and nurturing a passion for science.


Membership is open to all female students with an interest in science. UWIS members will be required to attend two UWIS meetings or events per semester, and serve on at least one committee, which will convene during meetings. Meetings will be held each month to update members on current events, the status of the organization, and plan programming.

Executive Council

The Council Executive Board for the Undergraduate Women in Science Council consists of the Exectutive Team and the Council Board who collaborate to lead the organization. The Executive Team holds weekly meetings and is joined biweekly with the Council Board. The Council Executive Board works together to plan current social, academic, and volunteer events as well as planning club meetings that involve guest speakers and other interactive activities focusing on instilling passion for science within the club.

Executive Board Officers:

President: Anna Brenneman ( Senior, Biology

Vice President: Rachel Giordano ( Senior, Biology

Secretary: Melissa Gronceski ( Sophomore, Biology

Treasurer: Momoh Salamatu (

Public Relations Coordinator: Whitney Walker ( Sophomore, Interdisciplinary Studies

WISP Executive Board Representatives:

Christina Rhinehart ( Freshman, Forensic Science

Sarah Flores ( Senior, Biology

Council Board Officers:

Social and Community Service Coordinator: Jheel Patel ( Senior, Biochemistry

SOS Student council/USG Representative: Juyeon Han ( Senior, Applied Mathematics

Academic Coordinator: Stephanie Metcalf ( Senior, Chemistry

Historian: Nouran Amin ( Junior, Biology

Connect with the Undergraduate Women in Science Council

 If you are an undergradute interested in joining UWIS please email Anna Brenneman ( or Rachel Giordano ( to be added to the Oncourse site.

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