The goal of Graduate Women in Science (GWIS) is to support graduate students through interdepartmental collaboration, networking, academic and professional resources, leadership opportunities, and a supportive community of graduate student women who share an interest for science. Graduate school is a unique and challenging experience. Having a support system of female graduate students and faculty interaction and support enhances the overall graduate experience and creates greater access to opportunities.

Graduate Women in Science strives to provide many resources and programs for our graduate students.

  • Networking Opportunites on campus and in industry
  • Faculty Mentoring
  • Small Grants for travel
  • Interdepartmental Collaboration
  • Graduate School Topic Workshops
  • Social, academic, research, and service based activiites


Membership is open to all female graduate students with an interest in science. GWIS members will be required to attend two GWIS meetings or events per semester. Meetings will be held each month to update members on current events, the status of the organization, and plan programming.