The mission of the Women in Science is to provide tools of success for bright young female scientists and professionals in a collaborative environment. Women in Science engages in academic activities that enhance educational success, research learning experiences, mentoring, and service learning and community-based activities. Women in Science fosters an environment of academic and professional development and provides a nurturing atmosphere for personal growth to female School of Science students and faculty at IUPUI.

Organization and the Four Branches of the Program

Women in Science was established in 2012. Women in Science is composed of three organizations for undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. Along with the three bodies, there is a Residential Based Learning Community, WISH, to further support undergraduate students.

Advisory Board and Executive Board

The Advisory Board of the Women in Science Program serves as an external support and leadership body for the Women in Science Program. The Advisory Board consists of two female faculty, two School of Science alumni, and four community leaders. The board members are dedicated females scientist and professionals with the passion to promote participation of women in the STEM fields. The Executive Board works closely with the Advisory Board to develop and implement program wide initiatives. The Executive Board is composed of two representatives from each of the four branches of Women in Science.

Large Programs

  • Women in Science Seminar Series
  • Women's Research Day (Future Event)
  • Women's History Month Celebration
  • Women in Science Honors Banquest (Future Event)
  • Women in Science Picnic (Future Event)