Pre-Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are allied health professionals who are dedicated to the rehabilitation of individuals with mental, physical, emotional or developmental disabilities or handicaps. Occupational Therapists plan, organize and administer therapeutic treatment to patients suffering from injuries or diseases.

At the School of Science at IUPUI, students seeking professional careers in occupational therapy are exposed to opportunities that no other school in the state of Indiana can offer.

Through comprehensive coursework, hands-on experience in the classroom and labs, one-on-one guidance from professors, and research, internship and leadership opportunities in the School, five surrounding hospitals, and the IU School of Medicine, graduates of the School of Science are well prepared for occupational therapy school and beyond!

Choosing an Undergraduate Major

Physical and occupational therapy schools do not usually require students to complete specific majors during their undergraduate years of schooling. However, there are specific prerequisites that should be completed in order to be admitted into a professional school and many benefits to selecting a biology, psychology, or physics major as you pursue success in the physical and occupational therapy fields, including: 

  • Pre-requisites for most professional programs often favor and lean heavily toward science majors. 
  • Often times, PT and OT schools look for students who have already completed an ample amount of job-shadowing in their respective fields. The School of Science at IUPUI provides students with the guidance, teaching and resources necessary to fulfill these requirements. By studying science at IUPUI, students have opportunities to work, learn and participate in research in the School of Science, IU Med School, and five leading hospitals surrounding IUPUI's campus. 
  • Many science undergraduate degrees are marketable to future employers even if the student chooses not to pursue professional schooling.

Advising + Resources

Visit the Science PREPs Office for expert guidance on majors, professional school admissions, and research, internships and other co-curricular opportunities that will help guide you to the best professional schools.