Purdue House

Purdue HousePurdue House is an on-campus residential living and learning community for engineering and science majors. It provides excellent opportunities for a wide array of interaction and peer mentoring. Planned social activities as well as organized tutoring are available to Purdue House Residents. A 24-hour computer lab is available within a common area for Purdue House resident use.


Purdue house residents have the option of a four-bedroom, two-bath apartment or a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment in the Campus Apartments on the Riverwalk.

Rent + Fees

Visit the IUPUI Housing site for current rent and fees.


Complete and submit the IUPUI Housing application. Be sure to select "Purdue House" on the application.
Don't wait to apply to live on campus! Guaranteed housing deadline is March 15 but entrance into the STEM Community is first come, first serve!

Tour the Residence Halls

To ensure that visitors are provided with the best experience, housing tours are available through each Community Office during its regular hours.  If you would like to visit the School of Science on the same day, please contact Tim Wright at ScienceAmbassadors@iupui.edu or (317) 278-5217 to make arrangements.  

Questions about housing contracts? Contact the IUPUI Housing Office at (317) 274-7200 or reslife@iupui.edu.