High School Student & Group Visits (On Campus)

If a high school student, educator or parent contacts you to arrange a visit or request information about our programs:

  1. Direct them to to identify and schedule a visit through IUPUI Science Visit website
  2. Notify or direct the student to the School's associate director of alumni and events, Betsy Cooney, at emcooney@iupui.edu.

Prospective Students & Admitted Students

  • Science JagDays: Students who have not yet applied to IUPUI are encouraged to visit during a campus visit day, which will include time with Science as well as other critical units on campus.
  • Fall Fest:
  • Explore Science Days:
  • Campus Tours: Tours of the IUPUI campus are typically available Monday-Friday at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. However, there may be exceptions to these days and times. The agenda begins with a presentation and video, followed by a 90-minute guided tour led by current IUPUI Student Ambassadors.  
  • Science Open Visit Hours: Open Visit hours vary by semester due to Science Ambassador schedules. Open Visits allow students to visit Science either before or after a campus tour and will ensure that the student receives a thorough experience during their time on campus. Students must be registered for the visit at least 5 business days prior to their desired visit date. Spaces are limited 5 students and schedules are subject to change.
  • Housing Tours: To ensure that visitors are provided with the best experience, housing tours are available through each Community Office during its regular hours.

Science & Pre-Science Students

The following opportunities are also available for students who have been directly admitted to the School of Science or to IUPUI as a pre-science student*:

  • Experience a science class
  • Shadow a current science student in their discipline of interest
  • Science Spring Previews:
  • Overnight experience program**

*Special exceptions for this opportunity may be provided for non-admitted students, at the discretion of the Associate Director of Undergraduate Recruitment.
** Open to all IUPUI admitted students.

Group visits

Requests for large group visits should be emailed to ScienceAmbassadors@iupui.edu.

If you are planning an on-campus event or visit for high school students or educators, notify the School's associate director of alumni and events, Betsy Cooney, at emcooney@iupui.edu.

We may be able to provide:

  • Recruitment related-programming: student panels, lab/building tours, etc.*
  • Volunteer recruitment assistance*
  • Logistics support (room reservations, parking, food)*
  • Admission advising
  • Appropriate and timely follow-up procedures
  • Proof of service and relevant enrollment outcomes
  • Contact/tracking form (Required for contact with all high school students, parents & teachers.)
  • Recruitment materials & School of Science giveaways. Complete the form a minimum of 2 weeks prior to event/activity date.

*4 weeks noticed required