Poster Printing

NOTE:  72 hours lead time required for all poster requests


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The School of Science maintains these Web resources to facilitate the use of the HP DesignJet 1055CM Color Plotter for poster sessions.  The Plotter was purchased by and for the use of faculty, students, and staff of the IUPUI School of Science.  If you are not affiliated with the IUPUI School of Science, please view the list of other printing resources below.  Remember, this service is provided as a courtesy, please be respectful of other's time in your requests.

NOTICE TO MAC USERS:  Please send the files in PDF form rather than PowerPoint. This should eliminate the most common printing problems (graphs and images). Here is information from a commercial printer that should help you in creating a pdf version of your poster: 

Formats - PowerPoint is our preferred file type, and it's very easy to use for posters. Set the page size before adding any data, images, or text. We can also accept Adobe *.PDF files, but make sure the document size is set correctly and the images are of sufficient resolution. See the following for instruction on making PDF's from Apple/Mac products:

If you have a need for a presentation from a program other than PowerPoint or PDF, please contact and we can discuss your options.

Sizing - Check the requirements of your conference before starting your poster! Our paper is 36 inches wide, so one poster edge must be 36" or less. Having one of your two dimensions 36" is advantageous; it keeps you from having to manually trim your poster.

Adding Text -  Pasting Word text directly into the PowerPoint file is not recommended. Instead, insert a text box, then paste your text info this text box. This will alleviate potential scaling and font issues. If you wish to have shaded backgrounds behind individual text blocks, make these as separate boxes from the draw menu and place them behind the text boxes.

Fonts - Avoid the use of special fonts, if possible, as they may not transfer to our machines.  A minimum font of 24 point is recommended for general text.  If you have to go much smaller that that in order to fit it on the poster, perhaps you're using too much text!  18 point is fine for references and acknowledgements.  

Previewing your work - Use the scale to fit option from the printer menu to test print on your printer prior to a full-scale print.  We do not print draft copies.  Please e-mail  any questions you might have as early in the process as possible. Feel free to send iterations for comment or suggestions.  It's best to discover problems early in the process.

Getting it to us - The preferred means of distributing the poster is as an e-mail attachment to<>. If it is too large (over 10MB) you should use the SlashTmp service and send an e-mail identifying the file. As a last resort, you may bring it to room LD 016 on a USB memory device.

We prefer 72 hours notice prior to the need for any final product to accommodate multiple posters before large conferences, vacations, problems with the plotter, etc

Other Printing Resources

UROP & CRL - Students who are not affiliated with the School of Science at IUPUI but who are in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) or one of its auxiliary programs should utilize the plotting resources of the Center for Research and Learning (CRL).

Engineering - The School of Engineering and Technology has a 24 inch plotter available for Engineering and Technology Students. There is a charge per poster that must be paid out of a University Account Number. If your advisor is willing to pay for your poster out of a University Account, email Mike Flaherty or call 274-7393. Please provide 72 hours (three business days) for printing from this resource.

The Image Factory - A local company with high services, including delivery. 6309 Woburn Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46250 317-577-3716

Repro Graphics - A local company with reasonable costs (24" X 36" poster, laminated, under $50) located near campus at 437 North Illinois St.

Kinkos - National Chain store with plotters available in most branches. The closest branch is at 120 Monument Circle, Suite # 107. Plotter and Poster cost is approximately $10 per square foot.