Science Undergraduate Student Council

The School of Science Undergraduate Student Council (SOSUSC) serves as a conduit between undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Science and the University at large. It is a great way for undergraduate students to get involved and receive funding for their organizations. Our meetings are open to all Science Undergraduate Students.

2016-2017 SOSUSC Officers


President:  Jonathan Brown

Vice President:  Denver Huynh

Secretary:  Samantha Sparks

Treasurer:  Chris Winter

Public Relations:  Emma Brown

Senator:  Chris Ramos

Senator:  Mark Botros

Current Projects







Applied Sciences Internship Program

The current Council efforts are to implement an internship program specifically for IUPUI Science students. This is being executed in response to the overwhelming response for the need for interships for majors both in the life-health sciences, as well as outside the life-health sciences.








Funding Requests


The School of Science Undergraduate Student Council has funds to support science clubs' events. We ask that clubs interested in receiving funding throughout the academic year send a representative to our weekly council meetings. Clubs without regular representation will not receive funding. Please also ensure that your request will support undergraduate science students. We tend to favor requests which will support a large portion if not all undergraduate science students.

To submit a funding request, please visit this link. This online request  will allow you to submit a funding request form online. You can submit your sign-in sheets and itemized receipts to the SOSUSC Treasurer in person or via email at

Link to online funding request form:


For additional sources of student organization funding, please visit:

Thank you for your interest!



Reimbursements - 60 Day Policy


University policy requires that all reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses be substantiated within 60 days of the original purchase date, or be subject to tax withholding.  The complete policy can be found at: