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Kevin Mandernack Ph.D. Professor & Chair, Earth Sciences

I focus on biogeochemical cycling of elements in modern and ancient environments; characterization of microbial communities; measurement of reaction rates and microbial activities; stable isotopic analyses for assessing biological influence.


  • Ph.D., Marine Biology/Biogeochemistry, University of California - San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 1992
  • B.S.,  Zoology & Geology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1983


Biogeochemical cycling of elements in modern and ancient environments; characterization of microbial communities; measurement of reaction rates and microbial activities; stable isotopic analyses for assessing biological influence.

Publications & Professional Activities

Mandernack, K. W., *Mills, C.H., Johnson, C., Rahn, T., Wahlen, M., and *Kinney, C. 2009. Controls on the d15N and d18O values of N2O Produced by Methanotrophic Bacteria Chem. Geol 267: 96-107.

*Thurston, R., Mandernack, K.W., and Shanks, W.C. 2010. Laboratory chalcopyrite oxidation by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans: oxygen and sulfur isotope fractionation Chem. Geol 269: 252-261.

*Balci, N., Mayer, B., Shanks, W.C. & Mandernack, K.W.  2007. Oxygen and sulfur isotope systematics of sulfate produced by bacterial and abiotic oxidation of pyrite. GCA 71:3796-3811.

*Balci, N., Bullen, T. D.,  *Witte, K., Shanks, W.C., Motelica, M. & Mandernack, K.W.  2006. Iron Isotope fractionation during Fe(II) oxidation and Fe(III) precipitation by Acidothiobacillus ferrooxidans GCA, 70:622-639.

Mandernack, K.W., D. Bazylinski, W.S. Shanks, and T. Bullen. 1999. Oxygen and iron isotopic studies of magnetite produced by magnetotactic bacteria. Science 285: 1892-1896.

* Mills, C. T., Y. Amano, G. F. Slater, R. F. Dias, T. Iwatsuki, & K.W. Mandernack, 2010. d13C and D14C values of microbial phospholipid fatty acids isolated from oligotrophic regional aquifers near the Tono Uranium Mine, Japan. (in press, Geochem. Cosmochim. Acta).

*Mills, C.T., Dias, R.F., Graham, D. and Mandernack, K.W. 2006. Determination of phospholipid to derived fatty acid (PLFA) structural and d 13C compositions for deep sea sediments of the northwest Pacific, ODP SITE 1179. Marine Chemistry, 98: 197 to 209.

Sahl, J.W., *Schmidt, R. Swanner, E. D.,Mandernack, K. W., Templeton, A. S., Kieft, T. L., Smith, R.  L., Sanford, W. E., Callaghan, R. L., Mitton, J. B., Spear J. R. 2009. Subsurface Microbial Diversity in Deep Granitic Fracture Water, Colorado, USA. Appl. Env. Microbiol.74:143 to 152.

Klein, D. A., Flores, R. M.,  Venot, C., Gabbert, K., *Schmidt, R., Stricker, G. D., Pruden, A., and K. Mandernack, 2008. Molecular sequences derived from Paleocene Fort Union Formation coals vs. associated produced waters: Implications for CBM regeneration. Itntl. J. Coal Geol. 76: 3-13.

Mandernack, K.W., H.R. Krouse, and J. M. Skei. 2003. A stable sulfur and oxygen isotopic investigation of sulfur cycling in an anoxic marine basin, Framvaren Fjord, Norway. Chemical Geol. 195: 181-200.

Selected Abstracts and Conferences:

*Mills, C. T., Slater, G. F., Dias, R. F., and Mandernack, K. W. 2007. The impact of coal-bed methane seepage on a soil microbial community. GSA, 10/28-31, Denver, CO.

*Brabec, M., Lyons, T.,  Mandernack, K.W. (invited) 2008. Fractionation of sulfur and oxygen isotopes in sulfate produced by anaerobic photosynthetic sulfur bacteria. Goldschmidt Conference, Vancouver, BC Canada.

*Glossner, A., Schmidt, R. Flores, R., and Mandernack, K. W. 2008. Phospholipid evidence for methanogenic Archaea and sulfate-reducing Bacteria in coalbed methane wells of the Powder River Basin, WY. AGU Fall Meeting, Dec 15-19, San Francisco, CA.

* Carr, S.A., Glossner, A.W., Dunbar, R.B., Vogel, S.W., Brandes, J., Wakeham, S.G. and Mandernack, K.W. 2008. Structural and d13C analyses of bacterial phospholipids in marine sediments beneath the Ross Ice Sheet, Antarctica. Eos, Trans AGU 89(53).

*Glossner, A., Schmidt, R., Flores, R., Mandernack, K. Phospholipid Evidence for Methanogenic Archaea and Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in Coalbed Methane Wells in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming. American Association of Petroleum Geologists, June 7-10, 2009, Denver, CO.

*Carr, S.A., Glossner, A.W., Dunbar, R.B., Vogel, S.W., Brandes, J., Wakeham, S.G., Naish, T.R., Powell, R.D. and Mandernack, K.W. Characterization of the Ross Sea Sedimentary Bacterial and Archaea communities by structural and isotopic analyses of phospholipids. First Antarctic Climate Evolution Symposium, Granada, Spain, September, 2009.

*Carr, S.A., Glossner, A.W., Dunbar, R.B., Vogel, S.W., Brandes, J., Wakeham, S.G., Sahl, J.W., Pepe-Ranney, C.P., Spear, J.R., Naish, T.R., Powell, R.D. and Mandernack, K.W. 2009. Characterization of bacterial biomass in marine sediments beneath the Ross ice sheet, Antarctica by phospholipids analysis and 16S rRNA gene sequencing. AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, California. Abstract B42A-07

*Balci, N.C., Mayer, B., Shanks, W.C., and Mandernack, K. 2009. Influence of sulfide mineralogy on oxygen and sulfur isotope ratios of sulfate generated via oxidation. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v.73, Goldschmidt Conference Abstracts, A201.