IUPUI Course Credit Application Form Instructions (For High School Teachers)

For your students to obtain certification of credit for PLTW Biomedical Science courses at IUPUI for successful completion of any of the PLTW Biomedical Science courses (this is NOT a dual-credit program - students are certified only after they pass the EOC Assessment with a score of 80% or higher):

  1. The student must have taken the PLTW Biomedical Science course(s) at a certified (or in the process of being certified) PLTW school.
  2. The student must pass the End of Course (EOC) National Assessment Part A with a score of 80% or higher for each course that certification is being applied for.
  3. The student can complete the IUPUI application at the time of completing each course (for instance the student is changing schools), or (preferably) submit one form during their senior year for all courses completed.
  4. The student must download the IUPUI application and complete the required portions.
  5. The student must submit the application form to their PLTW teacher.
  6. The PLTW teacher must verify that the student did pass the EOC with a score of 80% or higher for each course being applied for.
  7. The high school advisor needs to complete the High School Endorsement section of the application.
  8. The high school then mails the application (or all applications from that building in one mailing) to:
    • Project Lead the Way/ Joseph Thompson
    • IUPUI School of Science, LD 222
    • 402 North Blackford Street
    • Indianapolis, IN 46202
  9. Do not send any payment with the application.
  10. It is optional, but helpful in record keeping, for schools submitting more than one student's application, if the teacher submits a list with all the students' names and other student information along with the set of applications.