Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Wei Zheng Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences


Ph.D., Statistics, University of Illinois, Chicago, Fall 2006 - Summer 2011

Professional Affiliations

Member, American Statistical Association (ASA)
Member, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)

Current Research

  • Experimetal Design
  • Empirical Likelihood
  • Time Series

Select Publications

  1. Zheng, W. (2013). Optimal crossover designs for the proportional model. Annals of Statistics. To appear . 
  2. Zheng, W. (2013). Universally optimal crossover designs under subject dropout Annals of Statistics. 41 63-90.
  3. Hedayat, A. S. and Zheng, W. (2010). Optimal and efficient crossover designs for test-control study when subject effects are random.  Journal of the American Statistical Association 105 1581-1592 .  Supplemental Material .