Wei Zheng Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences


Ph.D., Statistics, University of Illinois, Chicago, 2006-2011

Professional Affiliations

Member, American Statistical Association (ASA)
Member, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)

Current Research

  • Experimetal Design
  • Empirical Likelihood
  • Time Series

Select Publications

  1. Li, K., Zheng, W. and Ai, M. (2015) Optimal design for interference model when neighbor effects are proportional to direct treatment effects. Annals of Statistics. To appear.

  2. Zheng, W. (2015). Universally optimal designs for two interference models. Annals of Statistics. To appear.         

  3. Zheng, W. (2013). Optimal crossover designs for the proportional model. Annals of Statistics. 41 2218-2235. Supplement.

  4. Zheng, W. (2013).  Universally optimal crossover designs under subject dropout. Annals of Statistics. 41 63-90.

  5. Hedayat, A. S. and Zheng, W. (2010). Optimal and efficient crossover designs for test-control study when subject effects are random. Journal of the American Statistical Association 105 1581-1592 . Supplement.