Raymond Chin

Professor Emeritus , Mathematical Sciences

Current Research

Prof. Chin's research is motivated by the need to develop accurate and efficient algorithms to compute solutions to multiple scale problems in science and engineering.These methods are designed to take advantage of the inherent mathematical and physical properties of the underlying problem. Hence, a combination of asymptotical and numerical techniques is employed in their development. Domain decomposition methods reminiscent of matched asymptotic methods are natural vehicles to convey these hybrid techniques. He has developed Gaussian quadrature methods for an exponential weight, and this includes the numerically difficult problem of generating the recurrence coefficients of the associated orthogonal polynomial given a weight function. The intended application is toward modifying methods for integrating stiff ordinary differential equations inherent in problems of chemically reacting type modeling enzyme-substrate interaction, pharmacokinetic reactions, electrical networks, etc. In turn, the modified ODE solvers are used in system identification or parameter estimation problems associated with phenomenological modeling of complex bio-physio-chemical systems of medical interest.