N. Douglas Lees

Associate Dean for Planning & Finance, Dean's Office
Professor, Biology


1973 Ph.D. Biological Sciences, Northwestern University

1967 B.A. Biology, Providence College

Current Research

In my early years, my laboratory research focused on the yeast sterol biosynthetic pathway and its end product sterol, ergosterol, each of which represent major targets for antifungal drugs. More recently, my interests have been directed at higher education change and how that impacts the work of department leadership.

Select Publications

Lees, N. D., Chairing Academic Departments – Traditional and Emerging Expectations, Bolton, MA, Anker Publishing (now held by Jossey-Bass), 2006, 352 pgs. ISBN 1-933371-03-x.

Lees, N. D., Broughton, M. C., Sanglard, D., and Bard, M.  Azole Susceptibility and Hyphae Formation in a Cytochrome P450-deficient Mutant of Candida albicans.  Antimicrob. Agents and Chemother. 34: 831-836, 1990.

Bard, M, Lees, N. D., Turi, T., Craft, D., Cofrin, L., Barbuch, R., Koegle, C., and Loper, J. C.  Sterol Synthesis and Viability of erg11 (Cytochrome P450 lanosterol demethylase) Mutations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida albicans.  Lipids 28: 963-967, 1993.

Awards & Honors

2007 - Present Advisory Board, The Department Chair, Jossey-Bass Pub.

2002 - Present Advisory Board of the National Chairperson’s Conference (sponsored by Kansas State University)

1998     University of Qatar Commemorative Medal

1995    Johnson and Johnson Focused Giving Symposium Invited Presenter