Joseph F. Pachut Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
Graduate Advisor


B.A.   1972        State University of New York, Oneonta

Ph.D. 1977        Michigan State University, East Lansing

My research has focused on four different aspects of the paleobiology of bryozoans:

  1. paleogenetics
  2. patterns of colony development under different paleoenvironmental conditions
  3. diversity, origination, and extinction patterns
  4. pattern, tempo, and mode of bryozoan evolution.

Current Research

Research interests involve understanding the patterns of evolution in fossil organisms using quantitative data analysis techniques. Included are analyses of the paleoecology of ancient ecosystems, of patterns of growth and development in colonial animals that lived under different paleoenvironmental conditions, statistical evaluations of the "genetics" of fossil colonial organisms, fossil biodiversity biogeographic patterns and changes in the tempo and mode of evolutionary changes throughout geologic time.