Heather Terra Sissons

Office Manager & Graduate Student Services Specialist, Psychology

My main job is to manage the office staff and the general functioning of the Departmental office by coordinating all staff human resources (e.g., hiring, training and monitoring performance), supporting the chairperson, providing some fiscal oversight, and ensuring adherence to Departmental policies/procedures in order to keep the office operating smoothly and up to the standards set by the chair while pursuing the Departmental mission. 

Additionally, I support graduate-level Psychology students throughout their course of study by acting as a resource, ensuring stipends are paid, assisting in paperwork completion and ensuring Purdue and IUPUI standards are met in order to assure successful completion and progress through graduate programs for Psychology students.

I also support Psychology Department faculty by handling correspondence and record-keeping for potential and current students, acting as liaison with other departments, and securing APA accreditation standards in order to support the graduate program mission within the Department.