Fei Tan Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences


Ph.D.(2007), Statistics, Florida State University

Teaching Assignments

Spring 2016

STAT 536

STAT 511

Current Research

My research consists of 2 parts: statistical methodology and interdisciplinary statistical research. My statistical methodology work has focused on survival models with free-knot splines, applications of empirical likelihood method, modeling skewed and heavy-tailed data, and exchangeable models. My interdisciplinary statistical research has generated 3 funded projects, and primarily focused on using statistical methods to study prostate cancer, breast cancer, and diabetes as well as collaborations with industry.

Select Publications

Tan F., Rayner G., Wang X. and Peng H. (2010). A Full Likelihood Procedure of Exchangeable Negative Binomials for Modelling Correlated and Overdispersed Count Data. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Volume 140, Issue 10, 2849-2859.

Dutton G., Tan F., Perri M., Stine C., Dancer-Brown M., Goble M. and Van Vessem N. (2010). What Words Should We Use When Discussing Excess Weight? Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 23: 606-613.

Dutton, G., Tan, F., Provost, B., Allen, B., Sorenson, J., Smith, D. (2009). Relationship between self-e_cacy and physical activity among patients with type 2 diabetes. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 32(3), 270-277

Dutton, G., Provost, B., Tan, F., Smith, D. (2008). A tailored print-based physical activity intervention for patients with type 2 diabetes. Preventive Medicine, 47, 409-411.