Contact with High School Students, Parents & Educators

We cannot holistically serve our prospective student populations without the time and expertise of our non-recruitment faculty and staff. Because of this, we understand that students may contact or be contacted outside of standard visit procedures.

If a high school student, parent or educator contacts you to arrange a visit or request information about our programs:

  1. Direct them to to identify and schedule a visit through  IUPUI Science Visit website
  2. Notify the School's associate director of alumni and events Betsy Cooney at

We may be able to provide:

  • Recruitment materials & School of Science giveaways. Complete the form a minimum of 2 weeks prior to event/activity date.
  • Admission advising
  • Appropriate and timely follow-up procedures
  • Proof of service and relevant enrollment outcomes
  • Contact/tracking form (Required for contact with all high school students, parents & teachers.)