Six Indiana University Collaborative Research Grants Awarded To School of Science Faculty

Release Date: 
Mar 3 2011

Researchers from IU campuses across the state partnered to submit 164 proposals for IU Collaborative Research Grant (IUCRG) funds, designed to facilitate and support outstanding research and cutting edge discoveries by teams who have not worked together previously in the project’s subject matter.

Of the 18 grants awarded, six grants worth over $250K went to School of Science faculty: Gabe Filippelli (Earth Sciences), Giovanna Guidoboni (Mathematical Sciences), Adam Hirsh (Psychology), Jiliang Li (Biology), Millie Georgiadis (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) Lei Li (Chemistry & Chemical Biology) and Jason Meyer (Biology).

Four of the six Science faculty members who received these awards were appointed in the past two years," said Bart Ng, Acting Dean of the School of Science. "This clearly illustrates how the School's investment in cutting-edge research faculty is advancing knowledge across disciplines, campus and industry.

Research funded by the IUCRG funds includes: 

  • Gabe Filippelli (Earth Sciences) & Sara Pryor (IUB Geography), “Coupling atmospheric chemistry with human health: A novel approach to investigating the source of chronic childhood lead poisoning.” ($54,122)
  • Millie Georgiadis (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) & Lei Li (Chemistry & Chemical Biology), “Understanding SspC-DNA interaction via chemical, biochemical, and structural biology studies.”  ($47,660)
  • Giovanna Guidoboni (Mathematical Sciences) & Alon Harris (Ophthalmology), “Mathematical Modeling of Ocular Blood Flow and Its Relations to Glaucoma.” ($53,000)
  • Adam Hirsh (Psychology), Kurt Kroenke (Regenstrief Institute/Simon Center) & Matthew Bair (Regenstrief Institute), “Provider decision-making for the management of comorbid pain and depression: A novel Virtual Human technology investigation.” ($51,675)
  • Jiliang Li (Biology) & Mervin Yoder (Pediatrics), “Injection of Endothelial Colony Forming Cells to Enhance Fracture Repair and Bone Regeneration.” ($63,000)
  • Jason Meyer (Biology) & Eri Hashino (Otolaryngology and Stark Institute), “Establishment of a human in vitro model system for studies of Usher Syndrome.” ($65,500)

Abstracts of projects are available at

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