New Undergraduate Degree in Biocomputing

Release Date: 
Feb 22 2010


Computer Science Department Offers Program to Prepare Students for Emerging Fields in Medicine

Indianapolis, IN, Feb. 22, 2010 - The School of Science at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis announced a new undergraduate degree program in biocomputing and pre-medicine. The newly developed undergraduate program in computer sciences will provide a research track which will prime students for the rigors of medical school while preparing them for emerging positions in the field of biocomputing.

Dr. Snehasis Mukhopadhyay, Chair of the Computer Science Undergraduate Committee, said, "This track will be attractive to many students from Central Indiana and around the country. As one of the few pre-medical computer science programs in the country, the Computer Science Department at IUPUI stands out as a leader."

Slated to begin in fall 2010, the track includes all the pre-requisite courses for the Indiana University School of Medicine, as well as many other medical schools throughout the country. In addition, a required course in biocomputing will expose students to many applications of their biology and chemistry coursework in computer science.

Mukhopadhyay added, "This is the only program of its kind in Indiana. With the IU School of Medicine right next door, we feel that this track will be an exciting option for many students."

More information about the biocomputing and pre-medical degree is available at in the coming weeks.