Technology Support

Technology Support Requests

The School of Science IT staff supports faculty, staff and student labs in the School of Science.  To submit a request, email  A support ticket will be automatically generated in our queue and you will receive a confirmation email. If you cannot send an email request, please call 278-2453.  If your call is not answered, please leave a message and a ticket will be automatically generated.  IT staff normal operations are Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5:00pm excluding holidays and breaks.

Note: To submit a request for a website issue and update requests, email Outside the School of Science please contact your School's IT group or UITS.

Expected Turn-Around Time

Once a ticket is generated, you will receive an automated email response telling you the ticket has been generated. For non-emergencies, you will be contacted within one business day. An IT staff member will provide an estimated completion time if the task cannot be completed the same day.

Requests will be elevated to emergency status by the IT staff if the problem impedes mission critical services or affects multiple personnel. If you believe your request is an emergency, please state that in your request email.

Ticket Status

When a request is sent to the system generates a request ticket and sends an email to the requestor. If you would like to view the progress as the IT staff works on your request, you can visit the Request System through the web. The first time you visit the system, enter your email address and click on the “Forgot you password?” link. This will send you information on setting a password. Once you log in, your open requests will be displayed. Click  on the request you are interested in to view the progress.

Computers + Technology Equipment

Equipment Issues

Office Computers + Printers

The IT staff has a ticketing system we use for IT requests. Please send an email to and a ticket will automatically be generated. If you cannot send an email request, please call 278-2453.  If your call is not answered, please leave a message and a ticket will automatically be generated.  IT staff normal operations are Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5:30pm excluding holidays and breaks.

Classroom Equipment

  • UITS Help Desk: Available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. They are your first line of defense when there are problems with the classroom equipment. Please call 274-HELP and choose option two. 
  • ITHelpLive (live chat with a consultant): Service available Monday-Friday 8am-9pm at: You need to have a Windows computer, and you'll need to supply your IU Network ID username and passphrase to access ITHelpLive. For information about available services, please see the Knowledge Base document At IU, what is ITHelpLive?
  • If you are having problems in a departmentally controlled classroom, the help desk will ask you to contact your local support group. You can then or email call 278-2453

Reserve a Computer Lab

Equipment Loans (Projectors and Other Classroom Technology)

Departments are responsible for equipment loans to their faculty, staff, and students. If the department does not have any equipment available, then you will need to make a request for an equipment loan two business days prior to your engagement. We cannot guarantee equipment will be available, especially for last minute requests, but we will make every effort to fill your request.

Computer + Equipment Purchasing

Email to generate a help ticket, and a member of the IT staff will contact you about the purchase.

Internet/Technology Access for Visitors

At IUPUI, technology resources are restricted to purposes related to the university's mission of education, research, and public service. There are three basic account types that can be requested for short term visitors:

Wireless for IU Visitors:

Guest Account:

If you have no formal relationship with Indiana University, you can use the Account Management Service (AMS) to create a Guest account, which will give you limited access to certain online applications and services of the university

Network Account:

At IUPUI, you can get temporary wireless access to the Internet by obtaining a Network Access account. UITS provides this account for IU visitors who need to access the Internet via their personal computers while on campus.

Affiliate Account:

Under normal circumstances, only Indiana University students, faculty, and staff are eligible to receive IU computing accounts. However, other individuals who are
affiliated with IU, such as contracted employees or consultants, may be eligible for an account as an IU affiliate. These accounts must be sponsored by an IU faculty or staff member.

List Servs

The School of Science maintains two listservs, which are maintained by Mark Federwisch. 

To send a message to the listserv(s), "bcc" your message to the email address(es) above. Mark will review the content and route the email.

University Systems & Computing


IUPUI Technology Services & Support

Knowledge Base Online Support

Systems + Software Access



IUWare: Software for students, faculty and staff

IUanyWare: Access IU-licensed applications online via your computer or mobile device.

Outlook Web Access


University Email, Guide


University IT Policies

Software + Applications

IUware is a software distribution service for Indiana University students, faculty, and staff. IUware offers a wide variety of software packages at no charge, including site-licensed products from Adobe, Microsoft, Symantec, and others. Software packages include programs for reading email and web browsing, as well as antivirus and office applications. The university pays for the relevant licenses through agreements with vendors, allowing students, faculty, and staff to use the programs available through IUware free of charge. The IUware server is regularly updated, and so patches and upgrades for IU-supported software are consistently available.

The university and the school license many software titles for staff, students, and faculty to use. If you would like some information on software licensing, send an email to and one of the IT staff will get back to you with the information. If the software is already licensed for your use, we will be happy to install it for you. If not, we will work with you on the purchase of the software.

Survey Software (Qualtrics) for Science Faculty & Staff

The School of Science maintains a license for its staff, faculty and students to use Qualitric Survey software.

Qualtrics is a cloud-based survey tool that helps faculty, students, and staff build and distribute surveys, view reports, and tabulate and analyze responses.  The system allows for surveys to remain private (only the creator can access) or surveys can be shared with others as appropriate.

To request the upgrade code for you or your students, contact Please include your name, title and department. If you are requesting the code for student/classroom use, please include the roster of students who will be using the account.

To access the software, follow these instructions.

Training is available online and through UITS: Learn more.

Technology Training

Center for Teaching & Learning

Excellent resource for learning to use many of the software titles that are available to faculty and staff at IUPUI.

UITS IT Training

A broad range of award winning interactive courses, hands-on simulations, skills assessments, live mentoring support, online books and more. Training is available on for a wide range of software and skills.

The Online Training Library® (OTL) includes video-based elearning courses on Adobe and Microsoft applications and technologies; web design; digital photography, video and audio; Mac applications; programming, and more.

School of Science Website User Guides

User manuals for updating your directory profile or department web pages.

Website Resources

Update/Change Requests

  1. Please send email to
  2. The email should clearly describe these items:
    • The site that requires the work e.g. Chemistry, Physics
    • A URL to the page(s) that needs attention.
    • Description of the work to be done.
    • Full name of the person making the request
  3. Any additional files needed to complete the work described should be attached to the mail request.
  4. If the work is complex enough that the requester would like to meet to discuss details in person, include a request to schedule a meeting with the webmaster.
  5. In general the requester should expect the work to be completed anywhere from one to three business days after the request has been submitted. In the event that the work will require more time to complete, the requester will be notified and delivered an ETA.

Make the Updates Yourself

The School of Science and its department websites use the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). All authorized faculty, staff and grad students are able to edit their own directory page. Other authorized users can edit select sections of the site. 

Download a user guide

Website Development - Individual & Center Sites

The School does not currently offer development for individual websites. The school can host your site on its servers, but you, one of your grad students, or a paid programmer will have to create the site files.

Design your own website

Recommended editors are webmatrix (Microsoft), Adobe Dreamweaver (MAC/PC versions available free from IU Ware as part of the Adobe Creative Suite – in the design + production category ), or Sandvox (MAC only).

Hire a web programmer

We can help connect with you a web programmer. Contact

Update Your Directory Page

You can add detailed information about your research to your directory page, including links to the directory/bio of the graduate students who are members of your lab. For instructions on how to update your directory page download the Web Manual - User Profile Guide.

Web Hosting

Once you’ve created the site, we can upload to the school’s server, where you will have full permissions to modify the site. Contact for more information.

Erika Wilson 

Assistant Director of Web & Digital Media

As AD of Web Technology, Erika is responsible for creating, integrating and maintaining full web-based operations for all programs in the School of Science as well as contact databases and customer relationship management (CRM) systems used for recruitment and marketing. She manages the day-to-day development, testing, implementation, and maintenance of the School and Department websites and provides training on new web applications for faculty and staff.

Poster Printing

NOTE:  72 hours lead time required for all poster requests


Images and Logo

The School of Science maintains these Web resources to facilitate the use of the HP DesignJet 1055CM Color Plotter for poster sessions.  The Plotter was purchased by and for the use of faculty, students, and staff of the IUPUI School of Science.  If you are not affiliated with the IUPUI School of Science, please view the list of other printing resources below.  Remember, this service is provided as a courtesy, please be respectful of other's time in your requests.

NOTICE TO MAC USERS:  Please send the files in PDF form rather than PowerPoint. This should eliminate the most common printing problems (graphs and images). Here is information from a commercial printer that should help you in creating a pdf version of your poster: 

Formats - PowerPoint is our preferred file type, and it's very easy to use for posters. Set the page size before adding any data, images, or text. We can also accept Adobe *.PDF files, but make sure the document size is set correctly and the images are of sufficient resolution. See the following for instruction on making PDF's from Apple/Mac products:

If you have a need for a presentation from a program other than PowerPoint or PDF, please contact and we can discuss your options.

Sizing - Check the requirements of your conference before starting your poster! Our paper is 36 inches wide, so one poster edge must be 36" or less. Having one of your two dimensions 36" is advantageous; it keeps you from having to manually trim your poster.

Adding Text -  Pasting Word text directly into the PowerPoint file is not recommended. Instead, insert a text box, then paste your text info this text box. This will alleviate potential scaling and font issues. If you wish to have shaded backgrounds behind individual text blocks, make these as separate boxes from the draw menu and place them behind the text boxes.

Fonts - Avoid the use of special fonts, if possible, as they may not transfer to our machines.  A minimum font of 24 point is recommended for general text.  If you have to go much smaller that that in order to fit it on the poster, perhaps you're using too much text!  18 point is fine for references and acknowledgements.  

Previewing your work - Use the scale to fit option from the printer menu to test print on your printer prior to a full-scale print.  We do not print draft copies.  Please e-mail  any questions you might have as early in the process as possible. Feel free to send iterations for comment or suggestions.  It's best to discover problems early in the process.

Getting it to us - The preferred means of distributing the poster is as an e-mail attachment to<>. If it is too large (over 10MB) you should use the SlashTmp service and send an e-mail identifying the file. As a last resort, you may bring it to room LD 016 on a USB memory device.

We prefer 72 hours notice prior to the need for any final product to accommodate multiple posters before large conferences, vacations, problems with the plotter, etc

Other Printing Resources

UROP & CRL - Students who are not affiliated with the School of Science at IUPUI but who are in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) or one of its auxiliary programs should utilize the plotting resources of the Center for Research and Learning (CRL).

Engineering - The School of Engineering and Technology has a 24 inch plotter available for Engineering and Technology Students. There is a charge per poster that must be paid out of a University Account Number. If your advisor is willing to pay for your poster out of a University Account, email Mike Flaherty or call 274-7393. Please provide 72 hours (three business days) for printing from this resource.

The Image Factory - A local company with high services, including delivery. 6309 Woburn Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46250 317-577-3716

Repro Graphics - A local company with reasonable costs (24" X 36" poster, laminated, under $50) located near campus at 437 North Illinois St.

Kinkos - National Chain store with plotters available in most branches. The closest branch is at 120 Monument Circle, Suite # 107. Plotter and Poster cost is approximately $10 per square foot.

IT & Computing Staff

David Debon

Computer Support Specialist
(317) 278-9077 |

David Debon is a system administrator with the School of Science who supports end user hardware, software, and networking technology.

Debbie Daily

Systems Analyst
(317) 274-8481 |

Debbie manage the infrastructure and research computing and network resources used by the School of Sciences (web, jsp, mysql, Oracle, LAMP and IIS student servers). These resources are used for instruction, research, and administration by the faculty and staff, and research, instruction, and academics by undergraduate and graduate students.

Mark Federwisch

IT User Support Manager
(317) 278-2489 |

Mark manages the IT User Support Group in the School of Science.  This group provides computer support to faculty and staff for Desktop computers, laptops and printers.  The user support group provides computer purchasing, installation troubleshooting and repair.  In addition they manage student computer classrooms.  Mark also serves as a resource providing IT consulting, planning and purchasing for special projects.

Erika Wilson

Scott Orr