Social Media

The School of Science at IUPUI recognizes that emerging online collaboration platforms are fundamentally changing the way individuals and organizations communicate and has developed a policy that is designed to offer practical guidance for responsible, constructive communications via social media channels for employees.

The same principles and guidelines that apply to the activities of employees in general, as found in IU’s Staff Handbook  and IU’s Academic Handbook  apply to employee activities in social media channels and any other form of online publishing.

The School of Science trusts and expects employees to exercise personal responsibility whenever they use social media, which includes not violating the trust of those with whom they are engaging. Employees should never use social media for covert advocacy, marketing or public relations. If and when employees use social media to communicate on behalf of the School of Science, they should clearly identify themselves as employees.

Download: School of Science Social Media Policy | IU Social Media Guidelines

  • Posting on Behalf of the School: Only those users who have been given expressed consent to post on behalf of the School of Science, its departments, programs, clubs and other affiliated organizations are allowed to represent the school on social media platforms.
  • Personal Social Media Accounts: The university and the School of Science cannot limit what you post on your personal social media platforms, those where you are identified as an individual and not as a representative of the university. However, if you regular interact with employees, subordinates, colleagues and peers (those who likely identify you as connected to the university or the School) you should use good judgment when expressing an opinion or sharing facts that may reflect negatively on the university or School.

School Accounts

The School of Science Marketing + Public Relations Office must approve the creation of any school account, including departments and School-sponsored clubs and organizations.  These accounts, related contacts and all information posted are the sole property of the School of Science.

Marketing staff should be included as full administrators for these sites to ensure continuity in case of staff transitions and adherence to school and university policies.

  • Facebook: Follow these instructions for adding marketing staff as administrators to Facebook
  • For other social accounts: Send the user name and password for other social media accounts including Twitter and Instagram to

Report existing social media accounts to

Photos, Graphics and Trademarks Used for Social Media

Science and IUPUI Social Media Accounts