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SELB Rooms, student lounge and atrium spaces

IUPUI Event Spaces

See the IUPUI Community Relations website for a list of spaces and contacts for avaialble athletic faciltities, outdoor spaces, and dining facilties that are available for events.

Science Classrooms + Labs

RESERVE: Contact the department rep below.

  • General SCI Classrooms | Contact: Mary Ann Black, 2741515 or
  • Biology Teaching Labs | Contact: Kurt Kulhavy, 274-0579 or
  • Chemistry Teaching Labs | Contact: Jim Crase, 274-3819 or
  • Chemistry Teaching Labs | Contact: Wai-ping Kam, 278-2557 or
  • Computer Labs: There is one School of Science and various departmental reservable computer labs. Each lab has a different software list. Please contact the appropriate person to reserve a computer lab or to inquire about the list of software.
    • LD225 | Contact: Math, 274-6918
    • SL070 | No longer reservable. Learn more.
    • SL247 & SL 251| Contact: CIS - Joan Mason, 274-9727 or

Science Conference Rooms

USE: For meetings that will last up to two hours, departmental conference rooms are ideal.

  • SL118 Small/Large | Earth Sciences | Capacity: 12 | Contact: Cathy Chouinard, 274-7484 or
  • SL124/SL147(hallway) | Psychology | Capacity: 18/10 | Contact: Brenda Meredith, 274-6947 or
  • LD154 | Physics | Capacity: 19 | Contact: 274-6900
  • SL280 | Computer Science | Capacity: 20 | Contact: Nancy Reddington, 274-9727 or
  • LD326 | Chemistry | Capacity: 20 | Contact: Paige Humme,l 274-6872 or
  • SL306 | Biology | Capacity: 20 | Contact: Sherry Dowell, 274-0577 or
  • SL165 | Computer Engineering | Capacity: 10 | Contact: Sherrie Tucker   274-9726 or

Library, Taylor Hall or Campus Center

USE: If your meeting will last over three hours it is usually best to schedule a conference room in the library. 

RESERVE: These rooms can be scheduled through

  • If it is your first time using the system you will need to create an account. 
  • The browse for space option is the best option for “high Level” availability of rooms in the Campus Center, Taylor Hall and the University Library. By clicking on a room (in blue) this will provide photos and room details including capacity.
  • Once you have setup your account at you can then select the room reservations tab and select “room request”.  You can then select the date, time and facility.  It will automatically find space available in campus rooms based on the factors entered including attendance. 
  • Once you have selected the room, hit the plus sign on the left hand side to add it into your selected locations.
    • Hit the “continue” button at the bottom of the screen and enter your contact information.
    • You can set your contact arrival time (for setup) *but remember – there may be a meeting scheduled before this meeting that may cut down or eliminate your setup time. 
    • You can also select additional tables and equipment which are free of charge to university groups. 
    • Billing information should be pre-populated at the bottom under account number. 
    • Select “Submit Reservation” and you should receive a confirmation within a few minutes.
Lilly AuditoriumLower Level stadium style auditorium in Library1000*
Lower Level LobbyUsually booked in conjunction with Library for check-in150 (standing)0*
1116 Conf RoomFirst Floor Library conference room350*
1126 Conf RoomFirst Floor Library conference room400*
2115 E-JNice smaller meeting rooms in library14-180*
CE309Campus Center Classroom36-75$20
CD307Campus Center Classroom36-75$20

*For on-campus academic units

Non-Science Classrooms

USE: These are general classrooms that do not have computer labs or lab supplies in them.  The IUPUI Registrar’s Office controls the schedule of these rooms and has strict policies that indicate No Food or Beverage. 

RESERVE: When reserving these rooms please allow plenty of time and flexibility.  During fall and spring semesters, rooms are usually very full during the week from 8-2pm.  Fridays are usually the best day to reserve rooms.

The primary contact is Mary Anne Black facilities coordinator 274-1515 and her backup is Ellen Richey 274-1513.  They are typically very busy during the months of Late July and December preparing room schedule.  The best practice in contacting them is initially by email with as many specifics as possible including max number of attendees then follow up with a phone call 48 hours later if you have not received a response.  NOTE: Room confirmations are sometimes sent to your email address from with Event Summary (Reservation # xxxxxxxxxxxx) : Schl of Science (event title). Other times they may be sent directly from the scheduler.

SELB Collaboration rooms/Atrium, Science building Atrium and lounge spaces on  3rd floor in science building

RESERVE: Contact Angel Campbell 274-0631.

  • EL108 Small conference room| SELB| Capacity: 10
  • EL101 Collaboration room | SELB | Capacity: 10
  • EL104 Collaboration room | SELB | Capacity: 10
  • SELB Atrium | SELB | Capacity: 75 for standing reception
  • Science Atrium (1st floor) for information tables only
  • Science 3rd floor student lounge |Capacity: 25