Research Services Staff

Tina Bryant

Research Administrative Specialist

Tina Bryant's responsibilities include IACUC administration, post-award account management, financial reporting, and database management.

Mary Harden

Executive Director, Research and Graduate Education
278-0214 |

Mary Harden directs the business and administration of Research Services to support research investigators; manages the School’s Research staff; monitors graduate degree progress and completion; assists grad student recruitment.

David Skalnik, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education
274-8510 |

David Skalnik represents the School of Science at the IUPUI Council of Associate Deans, the IUPUI Graduate Affairs Committee, and the Purdue Graduate Council.  He serves as Chair of the School of Science’s Graduate Education Committee and Research Committee.  He coordinates the review process for distribution of Purdue Research Foundation funds, and prepares annual requests to IUPUI for graduate program funding. He has oversight over the School’s grant submission and research award management support services, as well as the School’s animal facility. Dr. Skalnik works with Dean Rhodes and the other Associate Deans on allocation of resources (space and financial) to support the School’s missions.