As a public university, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) uses images of public campus life, events, ceremonies and other activities to advance the mission of the university. The images captured or produced by IUPUI remain the sole property of IUPUI. Those images produced by the School of Science Marketing & PR Office or other School/Department staff remain the sole possession of the School of Science. All negatives and positives, photographic prints and digital photo files shall constitute School of Science at IUPUI property, solely and completely. Photos deemed the property of the School of Science at IUPUI, or those available through the IUPUI gallery or through voluntary submission, will be used for a variety of purposes.

Photo, Video + Media Release

The School of Science at IUPUI adheres to the policies and usage restrictions as outlined in the IU Communications Photo, Video and Audio Consent Release Form

  • It is recommended that any unit taking photography for a school-related function secure release from all individuals who will be photographed.
  • Registration for events hosted by the School of Science at IUPUI should include a photo release allowing the usage of the attendee’s likeness in any photos, videos, social media content that may derive from that event.
  • If photos might include subjects who are minors under the age of 18, release forms must be signed by the parents or legal guardians and secured before any photography can take place.

Scheduling a Photographer

Currently, the School of Science contracts with a freelance photographer for all photographs of a professional nature. Because this photographer is not in-house, a quick turnaround for photo requests can be challenging. In some instances, communications staff can take photos at the request of faculty or staff, depending on the intended purpose of the photos. However, these photos are not considered professional quality.

Use of outside photography vendors must be approved and/or scheduled by the Dean's office. Email to request a photographer. Considerations before fulfilling these types of requests will include

  • Budget restrictions
  • Time/staff restrictions
  • Potential for broader use of photos

IU Exclusive rights clause - Photographer should add the following verbiage to the photo project invoice:

The Photographer hereby grants to University an unlimited license to use photographs, slides, copies or code of the work (“Project Materials”) as set out in this Agreement. Further, the Photographer grants to University a perpetual, exclusive license to reproduce, display, and distribute the photographs in any manner for any purpose deemed to be appropriate by the University. The Photographer may not grant other entities the use of the Project Materials without the University’s prior written consent.

Photo Galleries + Submission

Access the School photo gallerie:

Access the IU photo gallery: IU maintains photo gallery with a wide variety of photos from all IU campuses. 

Submit your photos: If you have taken photos of school-related event or activity that you would like to share with the School of Science Marketing & PR Office, please contact to arrange for delivery. The following photo information is helpful to have:

  • Names of students/staff/faculty - descriptions of prominent features/clothing if multiple people
  • Event (if applicable) with year
  • Major/Department (if applicable)
  • General description of activity in image(s)