Media Policy

All marketing and communications activities representing or pertaining to the School of Science at IUPUI are the responsibility of the School of Science Marketing & Public Relations Office. University-level and campus-level marketing and communications activities are solely the responsibility of IU Communications and its staff; such activities include the broad marketing of the university and university communications.  

The Associate Director of Communications (Candace Gwaltney), with the support of the Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations (Natalie Mazanowski), serves as the liaison to IU Communications. In the event of a crisis or emergency situation, the IU Office of Communications will coordinate all media interactions and public statements.

Science-Specific Requests from the Media

Members of the School of Science faculty and staff are free to respond to requests from the media regarding their research, scholarship, teaching or professional expertise.

In such cases, obtain the following information and notify the School’s communication staff as soon as possible via email  ( AND

  • Name and contact information of the person calling
  • Media outlet
  • Subject matter and focus of story
  • Deadline to reply
  • Anticipated air or publication date, if available.

NOTE: This includes requests from IU Communications or any university-related office.

Such notification can be particularly important if follow-up inquiries are made to ensure a coordinated, consistent and strategic School response. Staff in the Marketing and Public Relations Office have expertise in dealing with the media and may have a professional relationship with the individual media representative that will be helpful to ensure the proper response and action is taken on each request.

Broad Media Requests and/or Sensitive or Controversial Issues

IU Communications, in concert with the proper School of Science personnel, will coordinate primary communications in the event of a crisis.

On issues of university-wide impact or significance or situations that are particularly sensitive or controversial, requests from the media should be referred to the School’s communication staff using contact information provided in this document.

Additionally, School of Science communications staff should be notified in the event of any possible negative occurrences that may rise to the level of a news story involving the School, a faculty or staff member or a student.

Likewise, advance notice of a topic that may provoke media interest is extremely helpful. If you become aware of such subject matter, please pass it along to the communications staff so that the ground work for a response can be laid. Proactive planning will help identify opportunities to involve Science experts in local news coverage.

Lastly, if you see news vans, reporters or photographers on campus, please notify communications immediately.

Crisis Communications

Crisis communications have a lasting impact on institutional reputation and public support. Conveying a message of responsiveness and transparency are vitally important to the immediate and long-term perception of how the School of Science responded in the event of a crisis.

No faculty or staff members are permitted to speak to the media in a crisis situation and all inquiries or information should be forwarded to the School of Science communications staff referenced in this document.

  • TIP: Instead of saying “no comment,” which can be perceived negatively, say that you are not comfortable commenting on the situation and direct them to the communications staff.
  • If members of the media are seen on campus or in a Science facility during a crisis situation, the faculty or staff member should notify the School’s communications and marketing personnel immediately.


  • Story Ideas
    We need the help of faculty, staff and students to make sure the great work being done throughout our buildings and labs doesn’t go unnoticed!  Any ideas for articles or pieces that would positively portray the School and meet its communication goals or key messaging guidelines should be directed to appropriate communications personnel. Submit story ideas to

  • Events: All School related events should, at a minimum, be posted to the Department, School and IUPUI calendars. Submit your event.


All releases or information intended for off-campus or external audiences must be reviewed and should be routed through the Associate Director of Communications Candace Gwaltney at 274-4585 or The School of Science Office of Marketing and Communications have sole authorization to issue press releases on behalf of the School of Science and its departments, programs and centers.

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