IU Hospitality Policy (Ordering Food)

IU Hospitality Policy

  • Restrictions apply to hospitality expenses. Be sure you read the IU Hospitality Policy before purchasing food or gifts.
  • The university limits the amount of University funds that each unit (school) can spend on hospitality. If you will be using a University account to pay for hospitality, contact Crystal York prior to ordering food/beverages. 

Food & Beverages

  • IUPUI Food Service is the exclusive food service provider for IUPUI and as such, must be contracted for any catering on the IUPUI Campus (over $100). Please contact the 317-274-7566 or catering@iupui.edu to make arrangements.
    • Sponsorships of events by an “outside” restaurant, caterer, grocery store or food distributor that donates (100%) food or beverage for the event. In order to insure safe food handling, a list (on the donor’s letterhead) of what is being donated must be forwarded to catering@iupui.edu and the Special Event Notification form must be filled out four weeks prior to the event notifying the appropriate campus service providers.
  • Individuals planning events on the IUPUI campus must have clearance through the Office of the Chancellor to serve alcohol on campus. Please contact mktscien@iupui.edu to arrange for approval.

Food Sales (organization fundraising or food distribution)

IUPUI Student organization and departments may choose to hold a bake sale or other food sale to raise funds, at specifically designated times during the academic year.  Food sales must conform to strict guidelines set forth by IUPUI and the Marion County Health Department.  The complete IUPUI Food Service Policy can be found at the end of this document.   During the specific designated periods groups wanting to host a food fundraiser must following these procedures to sell food in the Science and Engineering Technology Building SL, LD and SELB:

  1. Contact Angel Campbell (274-0631) to reserve space in the lounge, lobbys and other common areas of SL, LD and SELB
  2. Complete the on-line Special Events form at least seven (7) business days prior to the event.