Important Information Technology reminders

Below is a summary of important information about policies and procedures that apply to you. Please take the time to read through them in order to protect your privacy/identity, IUPUI and School of Science information. Questions? Email the School of Science IT group.

  • School of Science Data Security Policy
  • Identity Finder and Critical Data on your Computers
  • Your responsibilities on Personally owned devices including smartphones
  • DUO and two factor authentication
  • Email digital signatures
  • Reporting a data security incident

Identity Finder and Critical Data on your Computers

Data including Social Security numbers, Credit Card numbers, Bank Account numbers or passwords should not be stored on your computer. Identity finder is a tool that can be used to scan your computer for Critical data so that you can locate the data and remove it. Identity Finder should be installed on all office computers and should be run twice per year to be sure you do not have any vulnerable data. You can also download identity finder from to install on your home computer. 

Your responsibilities on Personally owned devices including smartphones

Any device used to access IU data, which includes email, is subject to IU policies and procedures, even if the device is a personally owned phone, tablet or computer. Devices must have a minimum of a 4 character password with at least 2 unique characters. It should be set to autolock after 15 minutes and lock after failed password attempts. Encryption should be used if available. If it is used to access critical data it must be encrypted. If encryption is not available then the device should not be used to access or store this type of data.

Duo and two factor authentication

After a dramatic increase in phishing attempts and other attempted security breaches, IU has implemented tighter security to protect critical systems such as payroll. Two factor authentication, which requires a code generated from a hardware device (such as your smartphone) in addition to your password, is now required to access your W2, W4, Direct Deposit, and other employee data. As of September 1st, two factor authentication is also required for IUIE. The two factor authentication system utilized by IU is call DUO. In the near future IU plans on requiring DUO authentication on all systems that currently use CAS authentication. Enroll in DUO or learn more about the 2-step login for all CAS logins

Email digital signatures

A digital signature is an electronic signature that verifies that an email message originated from the signer and that it has not been altered. It ensures that a message you're reading has not been changed since it was digitally signed, and that the message was not "spoofed" (sent by an imposter) If you are reading this email with Microsoft Outlook you should see a red ribbon icon [cid:image001.jpg@01D2045D.C98CE750] which indicates the message is signed and is actually sent by me. Other email clients may indicate the signature differently. The Dean has also subscribed to this service so you can trust that any message with the digital signature notification is actually coming from him. If you would like to have your messages signed with a digital signature.

Reporting a data security incident

Any incident that may involve the loss or disclosure of University or Student data must be reported to the IU IT security office. Examples of incidents may include: loss of a laptop (personal or university owned), suspected unauthorized access of a computer, accidental disclosure of information via email or web site or file share or compromise of your IU account. If you suspect any type of security incident, contact the School of Science IT group immediately and they will help you report the incident to the IU IT security office. The IU security office can be contacted directly at or 812-855-8475 or after hours 812-855-6789.