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Smoking Policy-Tobacco Free Policy

Science Buildings (LD, SL, SELB)

For help with general building repair or renovation, contact Angel Campbell at 274-0631 or acampbel@iupui.edu.

For emergency building repairs, contact Angel. If she is not available, please leave a message concerning the problem, then contact Campus Facility Services (CFS) at 278-1900.

Building Hours


  • Monday - Thursday: 7 AM - 10 PM
  • Friday: 7 AM - 9 PM
  • Saturday - Sunday: 8 AM – 10 PM

SETI (SELB)       

  • Monday-Friday: 7 AM - 9 PM
  • Closed on weekends

Holidays: Buildings are locked.  You must have a key or key card to enter the buildings.  Holidays include days such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.  If a holiday such as Christmas falls on a weekend, that day is treated as a holiday.

If you have a compelling reason to change the building hours on a temporary basis you must make this request through Angel Campbell (4-0631 acampbel@iupui.edu), not through the Campus Police.  Campus Police will not grant these requests except through the Dean’s Office.

Key & Key Card Requests

Submit key requests to Angel Campbell at acampbel@iupui.edu. Prox Cards must  be approved by your department to access the SELB building. The university requires that requestor picks up new keys at the University Police Office.

Lost, misplaced or requests for locksmith should be directed to the Key Shop: 274-7289.

Painting, Bulletin Board, Art Work, Renovations, etc.

Always consult Angel Campbell (4-0631) before painting any room or university fixture. Do not perform any renovations, including painting, by yourself. If you paint or renovate it is likely that Campus Facilities will redo your work and charge you for it. Do not mount art work in the hallways yourself. CFS will mount artwork in the hallways for you if you have the 1 Dean’s Office permission. The Dean’s Office will almost always permit material. You may mount artwork in your own offices or office suites but must repair damages when you move out. Note that departments are responsible for painting and renovation in their own space. Departments may mount bulletin boards and cases which conform to building standards (see below) at their own expense with the permission of the Dean’s Office. To do this contact Angel Campbell who will seek approval of CFS and work with you to order the appropriate material

Note: The School of Science Dean’s office must approve all renovations within  the SL, LD and SELB buildings. Departments are required to complete a Campus Facility Service Request for Service Form and submit to Angel Campbell for approval.

The following principles apply when thinking about building decoration or renovation:

  1. Neither the School of Science nor the departments in the school own the hallway space or have responsibility for maintenance of the hallway space.  This space is the responsibility of Campus Facility Services (CFS).
  2. CFS and the Architect’s Office specify what materials may be placed in the hallways permanently.  Fire codes and building standards established when the building is first equipped govern this.
  3. CFS and the Architect’s Office set standards for what may be put permanently into hallways of buildings.  This means that bulletin boards and display cases must conform to a standard


No flyers, signs or posters may be taped or hung on walls and windows, or other unauthorized areas.  Improperly posting materials will be removed.

Reporting Maintenance and Repairs, Heating and Cooling Problems

All such problems should be reported directly to Zone Maintenance at Communication and Customer Service Center 278-1900, not to the Dean’s Office.  This will expedite follow-up on the part of Campus Facilities.  Report problems to Angel Campbelll (4-0631 ) that are not adequately handled by Zone Maintenance or Building Services.

Departments are responsible for their own specific or special facilities. They must repair and maintain carpets and floor (except for cleaning and waxing), laboratory equipment, and other special built-in equipment such as growth chambers.

Housekeeping Problems

If your department has housekeeping concerns or problems relating to classroom maintenance (chalk, lecterns, lights, and broken chairs, for example) they should be referred to the Communication and Customer Service Center 278-1900

Good workspace tidiness will be the responsibility of ALL employees.

  • Waste materials are to discarded in the proper place.
  • Heat producing  equipment shall be maintained in good working order and kept at a minimum 36 inches from any combustible items
  • All aisles and exits will be kept clear of boxes, equipment, personnel belongings and other materials.
  • Access to fire extinguishers, fire alarm pull stations, and AEDs will be kept clear.
  • Each supervisor will ensure their employees have the appropriate level of training as required to handle, store and maintain hazardous materials.

Service Animals

Only service or therapy animals are permitted in the Science buildings (SL, LD, SELB). No other animals or personal pets are permitted in Science buildings at any time.

Smoking Policy-Tobacco Free Policy

In accordance with IUPUI campus policy effective August 14, 2006, the use and sale of any tobacco product-cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and snuff- will be prohibited on IUPUI owned, operated and /or leased property.  

Complaints regarding violations of the policy should be referred to the appropriate administrative office:  for faculty the Office of Academic Policies, Procedures, and Documentation; for staff, Human Resources Administration; or the students, the Office of the Dean of Students.

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