Executive Leadership

N. Douglas Lees
Associate Dean for Planning & Finance

Associate Dean Lees oversees resource allocation including space and personnel, budget construction and management, and cost/benefit calculations.

Simon J Rhodes

Dean Simon Rhodes has overall responsibility for the mission  of the School of Science at IUPUI and for leading the School to achieve its vision . He works with the faculty, staff, and students to set plans for the School to achieve its strategic goals. He works to ensure that School of Science objectives are in alignment with IUPUI/University goals and missions; to provide strong advocacy for the School and campus; to provide leadership for optimal curriculum development and revision, including achievement of student learning outcomes; to ensure quality teaching and evaluation of student learning; to promote a respectful, civil, and collaborative environment; to administer the school’s budget; to hire the best personnel for the School; to build relationships within the university and with key external constituencies; to maximize fundraising for the school; to ensure faculty and staff development and oversight; to promote a diverse School community that respects ethnic, gender, cultural, religious, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, age, economical status, and experiential differences; to maintain as inclusive and informed an environment in the School as is possible in all aspects of our work and mission; to provide infrastructure and support to increase funding and scholarship; to oversee school research initiatives; to recruit a quality student body; and to ensure strong student services to improve undergraduate and graduate student retention and success.

David Skalnik
Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education

David Skalnik represents the School of Science at the IUPUI Council of Associate Deans, the IUPUI Graduate Affairs Committee, and the Purdue Graduate Council.  He serves as Chair of the School of Science’s Graduate Education Committee and Research Committee.  He coordinates the review process for distribution of Purdue Research Foundation funds, and prepares annual requests to IUPUI for graduate program funding. He has oversight over the School’s grant submission and research award management support services, as well as the School’s animal facility. Dr. Skalnik works with Dean Rhodes and the other Associate Deans on allocation of resources (space and financial) to support the School’s missions.

Jane Williams
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, School of Science

As Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Williams provides leadership and innovation in the areas of curriculum enhancement and undergraduate education. This position ensures efficient and effective administration in policies and procedures related to the success of students and faculty in the School of Science, including oversight and approval of undergraduate academic policies and procedures, oversight of student records and auditing, coordination and support for undergraduate student success, including the BS in Interdisciplinary Studies program, and the new School of Science Honors Program.  Dr. Williams also assists the Dean in ongoing strategic priorities, representing the school to upper administration on issues related to undergraduate education, curriculum internationalization and on-line education, and program review and assessment.