Working with Children Policy

The following guidelines apply to all programs managed by the the School, its faculty, staff or student-organizations.

The School of Science has elected to adopt the following measures and safeguards for all School-sponsored programs that are discrete, occasional events for which a large number of volunteers are essential. Volunteers for these types of events must be working in public places, not alone with children, and be supervised by a background-checked person:

  1. A minimum 2-weeks prior to the event, the program contact must compile the names and addresses of volunteers prior to the event and email to Debbie Allard. This email should include: the program’s date(s), time(s), location(s), expected attendance (age range and number of participants), volunteer list (name and university ID) and a program contact information (name, title, university ID, phone).
  2. Programs including children must complete an online information form at least 14 days prior to the start of the program. The form can be found on OneStart, under the Services tab, then under Protect IU. A link to the form can also be found on Recurring programs must submit/update the form at least once each year.
  3. HR will evaluate the event to determine if more information and/or background checks are necessary. HR will check the volunteer list against the sex offender registry or will facilitate background checks.
  4. All volunteers must understand that they may be subject to verification of their eligibility to volunteer with a sex offender registry list.

IU Public Safety Policy for Programs Involving Children for Credit-Bearing Service Learning Courses