Contact with Federal and State Government Officials

Notice From: Michael Sample, IU Vice President for Government Relations

"One of the most important reasons for this coordination is to ensure that Indiana University is compliant with all federal and state laws and to do so, my office is asking for your help to ensure compliance with two new Indiana University policies: Contact with Federal and State Government Officials and Political Activities. These policies are formalizing existing university procedure and recognizing the importance of University compliance with federal and state lobbying laws, as well as the IRS rules for tax-exempt entities.

... any time they plan to contact a federal or state official or candidate for public office on behalf of the university, IU faculty and staff are required to coordinate such contacts through the Office of the Vice President for Government Relations. If your faculty or staff plans to contact or any officials or candidates, please ask them to contact Doug Wasitis at or 202-434-8012 (federal officials and candidates) or Becca Polcz at or 317-231-2111 (state officials and candidates).

It is important to note that these policies are in no way intended to preclude, limit or discourage political activity or advocacy that your faculty, staff, and students might wish to undertake as individuals. IU community members have every right to participate in the political process as a citizen and Indiana University fully supports that right. These policies are only meant to ensure that private political activity undertaken by members of the Indiana University community does not make use of public university resources in support of that activity and that the University is compliant with all federal and state laws requiring us to report contacts and expenditures for government officials.