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Academic Advising

Advising Assignments

New students are assigned an advisor upon admission to IUPUI and the School of Science. Students can find their advisor information by logging into the Student Information System in Onestart.  Advisor contact information by department can be found here.

Contact Molly Rondeau to request an advisor change.

Academic Advising Report (AAR)

Questions about the AAR for a student or if an exception is needed in an AAR?
Contact Dean Nicholls.

Questions about correcting text in the AAR or adding a course to the approved list of courses that meet a requirement?
Contact Joseph Thompson.

Related Resources

Change of Grade Petition

Contact Molly Rondeau or the IUPUI Office of the Registrar for information about the Change of Grade Petition process.

The form needed is available on the Office of the Registrar website:

First Year Experience Courses

All incoming freshmen must select a freshmen experience for the fall semester:

First Year Experience Course: Students at IUPUI take a first year experience course to ease the transition into college. Within the School of Science they might take our “Windows on Science” first year experience course during their first semester.

Or they might opt for the next level of commitment and reward and do the Summer Bridge version of the windows course or join a Themed Learning Community: 

Summer Bridge: This option entails beginning the Windows course two weeks prior to the start of the Fall semester. In those two weeks, students begin to cover some of the typical Windows course content, but students also receive intensive refreshers on Math, primers on college-level reading and writing. Learn more.

Themed Learning Communities: The third option, which provides the most support to incoming students, is to enroll in a Themed Learning Community.  Typically, a TLC involves the same students enrolling in first year experience course plus an intro-level course in the major plus a related general education course from another discipline. The instructional team in a TLC works to weave the chosen theme through the assignments and topics covered in all three courses. Learn more.

FLAGS Early Warning System

Faculty are asked to submit FLAGS performance rosters.

Diana Sims-Harris, Diretcor of Student Affairs in the School of Science Dean's Office, works with the Academic Advisors to intervene in the cases where Science majors receive FLAGS of concern.

More information

IUPUI Campus Bulletin

IUPUI Campus Bulletin

Changes to the bulletin?

Contact either Molly Rondeau or Joseph Thompson in the School of Science Dean’s Office.


Visit the School of Science website for school-based scholarships and the IUPUI campus website for other programs. 

Questions? Contact Molly Rondeau or Joseph Thompson.

Science Dean's List & Scholar's List

The School of Science recognizes exceptional academic performance in baccalaureate and associate degree programs before graduation from the university by periodically publishing the Science Scholars List and the Dean’s Honor List.


Dean’s Honor List eligibility includes:

  • Full-time enrolled student (12 or more credit hours) who has a semester grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher.
  • Part-time enrolled student (between 5 and 11 credit hours) who has completed at least 26 credit hours of course work at IUPUI and who has a semester and IU cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher.

Science Scholars List eligibility includes:

  • Full-time enrolled student (between 12 or more credit hours) who has completed at least 26 credit hours of course work at IUPUI and who has a semester and IU cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.75 or higher.
  • Part-time enrolled student (between 5 and 11 credit hours) who has completed at least 26 credit hours of course work at IUPUI and who has a semester and IU cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.75 or higher.


Courses assigned a deferred grade (R) will count toward the 12 credit hour minimum required of full-time students. Courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis will not count toward the 12 credit hour minimum. Students who received an Incomplete (I) will not be placed on the Science Scholars List or the Dean’s Honor List. No Science Scholars List or Dean’s Honor List is published for the summer sessions.

Service Indicators

To release a Service Indicator for Academic Advising or Academic Warning, contact either Darryl Newsom or Molly Rondeau.

Student Orientation

More information

Contact: Diana Sims-Harris, Director of Student Affairs

Student Records Systems Access (SIS, AdRx, TES, etc.)

To request security to access student records, AdRx advising notes, and other related systems, contact Joseph Thompson.

More information:

Access, Confidentiality and Disclosure of Student Records

FERPA Tutorial

Teaching Resources

IUPUI Academic Affairs

IUPUI Academic Policies

IUPUI Center for Teaching & Learning

Academic Affairs Forum

IUPUI has a 3-year agreement with the Education Advisory Board that enables members of the campus community to access its Academic Affairs Forum.  The Academic Affairs Forum provides expert advice and innovative strategies and practices—tested and proven to work by peers at other universities across the country—for tackling their most pressing issues.  The information available through this resource may be very helpful to all who are engaged in strategic planning and exploring best practices research. Please share this information with your colleagues.

To register:

  • Step #1: Go to eab com/Members/Register and start by entering your location.
  • Step #2: Select Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis from the dropdown box.
  • Step #3: Enter your personal information in the boxes provided.
    Note: You must use your IUPUI email address.
  • Step #4: EAB will email you a confirmation code and instructions; please input your code to complete the user account creation process.

For more information and/or assistance with the Academic Affairs Forum, please contact Christine Fitzpatrick (

Academic & Student Affairs Staff

Darryl Newsom

Administrative Recorder
(317) 274-0684
Darryl maintains student records and serves as a resource to students, staff and faculty concerning questions about undergraduate admissions, enrollment, graduation, and student services. He reviews intercampus transfer credit and external transfer credit for newly admitted students to verify whether courses can satisfy degree requirements or if the course requires department review and approval. Darryl also processes exceptions for individual students in the School of Science Academic Advising Reports (AAR). He also certifies student athletes.

Florence Rogers

Director for Undergraduate Admissions
(317) 274-0630 |
Florence oversees undergraduate student records and certifies all undergraduate certificate and baccalaureate degrees for graduation in May, August, and December. She evaluates student records for placement on academic warning, probation, and dismissal and advises undergraduate students who are on academic probation, who have been dismissed, or are seeking readmission.  Florence oversees the undergraduate admissions’ process of all newly admitted students, including intercampus transfer students, external transfer students and direct entry freshmen.  Florence Rogers also evaluates student records and prepares the School of Science Dean’s List and Scholar’s List. 

Molly Rondeau

Academic Affairs Coordinator
(317) 274-0672 |

Molly provides statistical data for departments utilizing the Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE) reporting tool and the Information Management and Institutional Research (IMIR) website. She assists in coding updates in School of Science Academic Advising Reports (AAR) and processes exceptions for individual students in the AAR and processing of undergraduate and graduate New Course and Course Change requests utilizing the IU Course Approval, Remonstrance, Maintenance and Integration (CARMin) system. Molly is responsible for the processing of grade changes, grade replacements, change of repeat rules, special credit, late drop/add requests, time conflict requests, and course overload requests through the Office of the Registrar. She is also the School of Science contact with the Office of the Registrar for the completion of Purdue and Consortium grade rosters each semester. Molly manages the Change of Grade Petition process for the school. She is responsible for the Schedule of Classes processes for the CAND and SCI-I courses offered by the School of Science. She is responsible for processing changes and additions to student advisor assignments in the Student Information System (SIS). She assists in the management of service indicators on student records, scholarship awards and student diploma distribution. Molly works with updates and revisions to the School of Science portion of the IUPUI Campus Bulletin.

Diana Sims-Harris

Director, Student Affairs
(317) 274-0637 |

Joseph L. Thompson

Executive Director of Academic and Student Affairs
(317) 274-0626 |

Joseph interprets, implements, enforces and generally administers School and university undergraduate and graduate academic policies for students, faculty and administrative personnel.  He evaluates, determines eligibility for and makes discretionary decisions on student requests for exceptions to established School and University requirements. He provides guidance for advisors who work with students in academic difficulty or with special problems affecting their academic progress. He  resolves problems concerning undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, certification, and School regulations. Joseph advises the Undergraduate Student Council and the Graduate Student Council. He manages the student organization budget, including authorizing income and expenditures from student activity fees. He coordinates academic advising in the School’s departments and degree programs, ensuring quality support services are maintained for students and academic policies and procedures are followed. He manages security access for faculty and staff to the Student Information System (SIS). He ensures the School’s compliance with state and federal regulations, particularly the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), regarding the use and release of student information. He oversees the processing of undergraduate and graduate New Course and Course Change requests utilizing the IU Course Approval, Remonstrance, Maintenance and Integration (CARMin) system, as well as Purdue University Form40 and Form40G course paperwork.He oversees all processes regarding grade changes, including approving grade change petitions as recommended by course instructors, authenticating and authorizing faculty requests, and monitoring grading procedures. He oversees that grades are electronically entered correctly and on time; he informs faculty when there is a discrepancy with their course. He administers the on-line grade change process and approves electronic grade changes for the School.  He oversees the creation, implementation, and maintenance of the School’s electronic audit, the Academic Advisement Report (AAR). He is responsible for school-level management, implementation, and testing of system upgrades, patches, and other SIS changes. He serves as the school technical resource regarding registration, waitlist, and academic scheduling activities to prescribe change. He maintains a broad understanding of the interrelated business processes in student administration, ensuring system upgrades properly reflect School policy. Joseph is the account manager and supervisor of scholarships. He authorizes and administers financial aspects of all school-level student scholarships and awards in School accounts and School Foundation accounts. He manages and administers scholarships programs, including coordination of recruitment efforts and selection processes, disbursement of funds, and administrative and curricular compliance with scholarship criteria. In situations involving academic misconduct, He serves as the Dean’s designee with authority to represent the School as appropriate. He serves as the primary contact for students appealing charges and/or sanctions for misconduct and for faculty members and chairpersons; he informs students (and their parents) and faculty on what constitutes misconduct; he informs faculty of procedures and their potential legal implications. Joseph works with the Associate Deans to mediate among students, faculty and department chair, and convene cases of appeal of charges of or sanctions for misconduct.

PREPs Office

Undergraduate Recruitment