Core Training

IU is required by various regulatory agencies to provide training for all personnel listed on any of our animal research protocols. You will find a comprehensive list in the training application. If you have questions about the application or training process, please contact us.

What is CITI training?

CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) is an electronic training system used by many universities nationwide. In order to work on animal research protocols reviewed by the SOS IACUC, you need to complete CITI training.

CITI's electronic-based training is set up with a separate module of lessons for each type of animal used in research. Once you complete all of the training it is good for 5 years. You will be notified when to renew it. If you have active CITI training from another institution, please contact us.

Steps to access and complete CITI training

  1. Login to CITI
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Yes/No boxes and click 'Yes'.
  3. Enter your IU username and password
  4. Under the Indiana University-Indianapolis courses, go to the section in the bottom half marked 'My Learner Tool for Indiana University-Indianapolis' and click on "Add a course or update learner groups'
  5. Questions 1, 2, 3 and 8 require answers then scroll down to Question 10, School of Science - Lab Animal Research.
  6. Everyone named on an animal research protocol is required to complete the following:
    • SOS - Working with the IACUC (required, regardless of animal type)
    • The CITI training module(s) pertaining to the particular animal(s) involved in your research
  7. Your course selections are shown. The status column will reflect your progress (Not Started, Incomplete, and Complete). You may leave the modules at any point and return where you left off.
  8. Begin on any course. A pre-course assessment will appear the first time you enter any course, asking if you want to complete a pre-course assessment. We advise folks to check "No", since it does not allow you to 'test out' of a module. You're still required to complete a module even if you pass the pre-test.
  9. Upon entering any course, CITI will show you the Required Modules. The Supplemental Modules are optional. The system requires you to take all of the modules in order to complete the course. You may leave the modules at any point and return where you left off. CITI will record completion of each section and course.
  10. Continue taking courses until finished.