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General School of Science Funds

IUPUI School of Science has general funds related to Science scholarships, organizations and associations. See some examples below.

             • School of Science Fund
             • School of Science Alumni Association Academic Achievement Scholarship
             • Dean of Science Scholarship Fund
             • Women in Science House Fund
             • School of Science Staff Council Fund

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Biology Department

The Department of Biology at IUPUI biology specializes in bacterial pathogenesis, yeast genome, organ regeneration, biomass fuels.
Geneticists, molecular biologists and physiologists have provided valuable insight into how cells and systems function.

Biologists have helped improve human life in many ways, including the discovery of antibiotics and other medicines, a better understanding of the cellular processes leading to cancer, and the development of new crops.

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Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department

The Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology of IUPUI focuses on the basic structural units of matter—what things are made of, what their properties are, and how they act and interact.

Chemical biology applies logic and methods from chemistry to the study of complex and challenging questions in biology inspired by growth of the biotechnology industry. As science has become increasingly interdisciplinary, fundamental scientific problems focus on the chemical nature of matter.

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Computer and Information Sciences

The Department of Computer & Information Science of IUPUI apply a range of computer science applications ranging from biological and life sciences to software development—involving every aspect of life from homeland security to archiving cultural heritage. 

Computer science is one of the fastest growing fields in the United States. In fact, by 2018 almost 75% of new science and engineering jobs will be in computer science.

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Earth Sciences Department

The Department of Earth Sciences at IUPUI teaches the importance, application, and relevance of earth sciences in modern society and has a strong research program.

Earth sciences encompasses the study of earth material (rocks, sediment, soil, petroleum), water (oceans, groundwater, water quality), and the atmosphere (climate change, air quality), as well as the relationships between material, water, air, their interaction with biologic life, and their changes through time.

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Mathematical Sciences Department

Mathematics is one of the oldest and most fundamental sciences. Mathematics is the science of quantitative relationships using numbers and symbols. The Department of Mathematical Sciences at IUPUI includes pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, and mathematics education.

Our students work with award-winning faculty and apply mathematical solutions to problems in other fields such as engineering, computer science and the life health sciences.

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Physics Department

The Department of Physics at IUPUI is all about the study of matter and energy, from the smallest scale, as in the study of elementary particles, to the largest, such as the study of the formation and evolution of stars and galaxies.

Physics students are trained to solve complex problems by learning to analyze complex relationships in mathematical terms. Developments in basic physics drive technology, and technology helps physicists discover nature’s secrets.

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Psychology Department

The Department of Psychology of IUPUI specializes in psychobiology of addictions, health psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, severe mental illness, stereotyping and prejudice.

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The goals of psychology are to describe, explain, predict, and change behavior (observable actions) and mental processes (thoughts, feelings, memories, beliefs).

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Forensic & Investigative Sciences Department

The Forensic and Investigative Sciences program combines the best of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics and, along with criminal justice and law, enabling you to solve crimes and settle civil disputes. People who work in forensic science solve scientific puzzles, testify as experts in court and even sometimes help collect evidence at crime scenes.

We have nationally recognized faculty in forensic chemistry and biology supported by one of the largest medical schools and one of the top law schools in the U.S.

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Neuroscience Department

Neuroscience at IUPUI is an interdisciplinary program of the School of Science that offers students the opportunity to pursue baccalaureate degree training in cellular/molecular, computational, or behavioral neuroscience.

No other program provides the cross-disciplinary research and learning environment that IUPUI offers our students. As early as their freshman year, our undergraduates are able to participate in research with renowned faculty.

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