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Three students in on-campus housing smiling by a window with the skyline


You'll find a community were you belong.

On-campus housing not only helps you find a community where you belong--it also leads you to meaningful friendships that will last a lifetime. With a variety of residential options, from traditional dormitories to apartment communities, you'll find the right college experience for you.

As a freshman, you'll have the opportunity to live in Ball Hall, University Tower (the four-star hotel turned campus oasis) or the new North Hall. These options give you a traditional college housing experience. If you want a twist on tradition, the Riverwalk Apartments and Townhomes at IUPUI provide a bit more independence while still keeping you involved the in the Jaguar community.

Environments where you'll thrive.

When you're studying science, it's great to live with people who understand what it's really like to be excited about the discovery you made in lab or the struggle of an organic chemistry final. Science living-learning communities cultivate a supportive environment that will truly feel like home.

  • North Hall

    North Hall housing the STEM Community.

  • Students in North Hall

    North Hall amenities include social lounges, workout facility, printer stations and free laundry rooms. 

  • North Hall is the newest housing option on campus.

  • North Hall lounge

    North Hall offers spaces for social gatherings or study groups.

  • Tower dorm room

    Once a four-star hotel, The Tower is now an oasis for freshmen living.

STEM Community

The first year of college is all about new experiences; late nights studying, more fun events than you know what to do with and lots of pizza. The STEM Community in North Hall is just the place for you to get the most out of experiences like these with a diverse group of first-year students who are also studying science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Upperclassmen STEM residential assistants are there to help you unlock the secrets to finding the best food on campus or acing your calculus test. Plus, you'll learn how to unleash your inner jaguar while rowing in or cheering on the STEM Floor team at the IUPUI Regatta!


North Hall is the first traditional residence hall constructed at IUPUI since the founding of the campus in 1969. The 172,000 square-foot building, located on North Street, provides housing for 700 students. The residence hall has been intentionally designed to promote resident interaction through the creation of welcoming common spaces, including a grand lobby and micro-lounges throughout each residential floor. Additionally, the building features a computer lab, game room, fitness area, laundry facility, a large programming area, and two classrooms. 

Residents assigned to North Hall will be required to select a meal plan. Please visit food.iupui.edu for more information.

Floor plans & amenities

Rent + Fees

Visit the IUPUI Housing site for current rent and fees.


Complete and submit the IUPUI Housing application.

  • Once you've applied for housing, revisit the Housing Student Center page and select "Request a Residential Based Learning Community (RBLC)" link at the bottom of the screen. (See screen shot to the right.)
  • Then select "Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM)" to be considered for the STEM floor.

Don't wait to apply to live on campus! Guaranteed housing deadline is March 15 but entrance into the STEM Community is first come, first serve!

Women in Science House (WISH)

WISH is a community where women embrace each other's nerdiness and excitement about science. Stay up late watching your favorite movies and studying with friends in the exclusive WISH lounge, share your passion for science while volunteering at a Girl Scout event, or challenge yourself by making new connections with female mentors in your field! WISH residents are serious students, but with events like floor decorating contests and semi-formal dances they sure know how to have fun.


The WIS House includes 15 rooms for up to 30 women in the Campus Apartments on the Riverwalk. Each room includes two private bedrooms and two private bathrooms. View the Two Bedroom Panoramic Tour and Floor Plan

Rent + Fees

Visit the IUPUI Housing site for current rent and fees.

WIS Scholarship

WIS House residents will receive a minimum of a $2,300 scholarship package. Most students will be eligible for additional financial assistance through work-study stipends and internships.

Housing + Scholarship Applications

1.      Complete and submit the IUPUI Housing application.* Be sure to select "Women In Science House" on application, listed within the "Residential Based Learning Communities" section.

2.      Complete the scholarship application** and submit to the School of Science Dean's Office. Decisions are made no later than May 1st, with priority given to those who apply by March 15th. Those students selected to live in WISH will be mailed housing contracts.

3.      Contact Diana Sims-Harris, Director of Student Affairs, IUPUI-School of Science, for any questions.

*A non-refundable $50 fee is due at the time of application and all apartment contracts require a $400 pre-payment at the time the contract is signed.

** Decisions on who will live in the house and be awarded a scholarship will be based on information provided in the scholarship application, such as answers to essay questions and extracurricular activities (clubs, organizations, etc.). High School and/or college academic performance (GPA, ACT/SAT, class rank, etc.) will also be reviewed.

Learn more about WISH

Tour the Residence Halls

To ensure that visitors are provided with the best experience, housing tours are available through each Community Office during its regular hours.  If you would like to visit the School of Science on the same day, please contact the School of Science at scienceA@iupui.edu or (317) 278-8838 in advance to make arrangements.  

Learn more

Purdue house

Purdue House is a housing community on the IUPUI campus within the IUPUI Apartments on the Riverwalk. Primarily sophomore through graduate Engineering and Technology students are housed together, providing excellent opportunities for a wide array of interaction and peer mentoring.

Planned social activities as well as organized tutoring are available to Purdue House Residents. A 24-hour computer lab with relevant software for engineering and technology students is available within a common area for Purdue House resident use.

Purdue house residents have the option of a four-bedroom, two-bath apartment or a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment. School of Science students may also apply to live in the two-bedroom, two-bath Purdue House apartment building.

Learn more