Committed to Diversity

Kathryn DelaCruz


Since the recent elections, many in our community have expressed feeling threatened and are experiencing feelings of uncertainty of the future. If you or someone you know need help, please know there are many people on campus eager to assist. Please review diversity resources below for campus programs, organizations, policies and complaint procedures.


The IUPUI School of Science demonstrates an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion, offering an intentionally inclusive and accessible campus community. 

2016 IUPUI diversity stats

Science beginning freshmen

  • 17% are 21st Century Scholars
  • 30% are minority or International students
  • 57.5% are female
  • 98% are 19 years old or younger

Science student body, according to Fall 2016 enrollment

  • 56% of Science majors are female
  • 35% are minority or international students
  • 29% of Science majors are first generation students
  • Since 2010, the School has seen a 54% increase in international students
  • 980 international students and minorities are currently pursuing degrees

IUPUI diversity stats