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2013-2014 Faculty


Anthony “A.J.” Baucum
Assistant Professor, Biology

Anthony “A.J.” Baucum II, Ph.D., joins the Department of Biology this fall as an assistant professor. He worked for the past two years as a research instructor at Vanderbilt University. Baucum said he was drawn to the School of Science because of its dual focus of research and teaching as well as the diversity of its faculty.

“I’m very excited to both teach at the undergraduate level and the graduate level as well as mentor students in the laboratory,” he said. “By interacting with faculty in multiple disciplines, departments and schools, IUPUI will be a great place to practice cutting-edge science.”

Baucum has expertise in cellular and molecular neuroscience, aging, Parkinson’s disease and the effects of drugs of abuse. His experience will enhance the neuroscience program at IUPUI, which focuses on a cross-disciplinary approach to research and learning and utilizes resources in the School of Science, the Indiana University School of Medicine and several prominent research facilities in Indianapolis.

Baucum earned his Ph.D. from the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Utah. He also has an undergraduate degree in biology from Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles.

He is a member of several professional research organizations, such as the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, Society for Neuroscience and the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. He also has a lengthy record of peer-reviewed publications in a host of prominent scholarly journals.

Anthony AJ Baucum, assistant professor ,biology, IUPUIAnthony “A.J.” Baucum

Kevin Berkopes 
Director of the Math Assistance Center
Academic Specialist, Mathematical Sciences

Kevin Berkopes joins the mathematics department as an academic specialist and director of the Math Assistance Center (MAC).

“I have been given charge of a learning center that is unique to IUPUI’s campus in its scope, budget and departmental support. We believe this can grow to be the model for mathematical learning centers at the post-secondary level,” he said.

His primary research interests include mathematics knowledge for teaching, teacher preparation and educational reform. He said he will focus on enhancing the training and tutoring that takes place at the MAC—which serves an estimated 2,000 students a month across all disciplines on campus—and preparing the next generation of mathematics teachers.

Berkopes soon will complete his Ph.D. in mathematics education from Purdue University He also has an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Purdue and a master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Texas in Austin.

Kevin Berkopes, Director MAC, Mathematics, IUPUIKevin Berkopes

Nicholas Manicke
Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Nicholas Manicke joins chemistry department after spending the last two years as the principal scientist at QuantIon Technologies, a spinout company founded on technology Manicke developed as a post-doctoral student at Purdue University.

At QuantIon, Manicke served as the lead developer for new mass spectrometry technologies implemented by several pharmaceutical laboratories and research centers.

“I hope to strengthen the department’s reputation in the life sciences and forensics sciences by forming new connections outside the department through research collaborations with faculty in the medical school and with industrial and forensic laboratories in the area,” Manicke said.

The ongoing collaborative environment attracted Manicke to the School of Science at IUPUI, he said. He has worked with both researchers and industry representatives during his education and professional career, and some of that work was supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute. 

“With the presence of the medical school and IUPUI’s urban location, the department has some unique advantages that many of the larger chemistry departments in the region lack,” he said.

In addition to his previous research collaborations, Manicke also has at least four patents pending related to analytical chemistry equipment and processes. He has delivered a variety of presentations on analytical chemistry at conferences and workshops and has been published in several scholarly journals, such as Analytical Chemistry, the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry and Analyst.

Manicke earned his undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of Evansville (Ind.) and his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at Purdue University.

Nicholas Manick, assistant professor, chemistry, IUPUINicholas Manicke

Kyle Minor  
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Kyle Minor comes to IUPUI as an assistant professor after serving as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard’s Center for Early Detection, Assessment and Response to Risk in the Department of Psychiatry.

He said he was drawn to IUPUI because of its cross-disciplinary collaborations in clinical psychology and the opportunity to involve undergraduates, graduate students and surrounding medical facilities in his research.

“My research is focused on identifying clinical risk markers of psychosis and developing interventions for individuals with severe mental illnesses,” Minor said.

“IUPUI’s program is unique in that it integrates the graduate program in psychology with an academic medical school environment. The opportunity to have so many potential collaborators (students and faculty) in such close proximity was the one of the biggest draws of this program,” Minor added.

Minor earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology and a master’s degree in psychology from Louisiana State University. He has undergraduate degrees in psychology and English from North Kentucky University.

Kyle Minor, Assistant Professor, Psychology, IUPUIKyle Minor

Daniel Ramras
Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Daniel Ramras joins the mathematical sciences department from New Mexico State University where he was as an assistant professor. Prior to that, he served as a postdoctoral fellow in the mathematics department at Vanderbilt University.

“Indiana and the Midwest have a great deal of mathematicians with research interests close to my own,” said Ramras, whose research interests include geometry and topology and the connections between geometry and algebra in a variety of contexts.

Ramras earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University and an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Cornell University.

“As a mathematician, I am excited to be grouped with other sciences that rely on and interact with mathematics.”

Daniel Ramras, assistant professor, mathematics, IUPUIDaniel Ramras

Fengguang Song
Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Science

Fengguang Song, an expert in high performance computing, joins the School of Science from the Samsung Research Center in California where he worked as a senior researcher tasked with developing the next generation of highly scalable operating systems based on emerging cloud-computing technologies.

“I love IUPUI’s beautiful campus, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with a group of talented computer science faculty,” Song said. “My experience in high-performance computing will benefit several areas of research in the department, including data mining, imaging, visualization and more. I look forward to collaborating on inter-disciplinary projects to solve large-scale scientific problems.”

Song also held several roles with the Innovative Computing Laboratory at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, he earned his Ph.D. in computer science. As part of his post-doctoral work there, Song worked to develop algorithms for large-scale, multicore, cluster computing systems.

Song earned his undergraduate degree in computer science from Zhengzhou University in China, a master’s degree in engineering from the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in China and a master’s degree in computer science from the University of British Columbia.

The National Science Foundation has recognized Song’s research. He also has served as a reviewer for several industry publications and conferences, including the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, the Journal of Supercomputing and the IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing.

Fengguang Song, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, IUPUIFengguang Song

Maxim Yattselev
Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Maxim Yattselev joins the math faculty from his position as the Paul Alum Visiting Professor of mathematics at the University of Oregon where he taught discrete mathematics, calculus and courses on differential equations. His research interests include Approximation Theory, Orthogonal Polynomials and Random Matrix Theory.

“I’m very excited to explore opportunities to continue my research program in a supportive environment as well as extend it through collaborations with other members of the department,” Yattselev said.

He earned his Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University, where he also served as a visiting scholar in its Center for Constructive Approximation. He earned master’s degrees in mathematics at Vanderbilt and a master’s and undergraduate degree in mathematics from Dnepropetrovsk National University in his native Ukraine.

Maxim Yattselev, Assistant Professor, Mathematical SciencesI

Maxim Yattselev

Rui Yu
Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences

Rui Yu joins IUPUI as a lecturer for the math department’s actuarial program.   

She most recently served as a teaching fellow at the University of South Carolina, where she taught courses in calculus, finite mathematics and basic algebra.

“I’m excited to have the chance to help students prepare for their actuarial exams and build an actuarial club on the IUPUI campus,” Yu said.

She earned her Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of South Carolina and undergraduate and master’s degrees in applied mathematics from the Dalian University of Technology in China. While at the University of South Carolina, she also served as a research assistant studying Fibonacci Sets in Discrepancy Theory and numerical integration.

Rui Yu, Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences, iupuiRui Yu

Tamika Zapolski Assistant Professor, Psychology

Tamika Zapolski comes to IUPUI as an assistant professor after serving a post-doctoral internship at the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to work with individuals from multiple disciplines across the campus and community in an effort to understand the underlying factors related to substance use and abuse among African-Americans across development,” Zapolski said.

Zapolski’s research has involved the study of risk behavior associated with alcohol and drug use, multicultural issues and social and impulse behavior of children and adolescents. Her past publication credentials include the Journal on Pediatric Psychology, Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Psychology of Addictive Behavior and many others. She also co-authored chapters in at least six books related to clinical psychology.

Zapolski earned her Ph.D. and master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Kentucky and an undergraduate psychology degree from the University of Missouri in Columbia. In 2012, she received the Nietzel Award for the Outstanding Doctoral Student in Psychology.

Tamika Zapolski, Assistant Professor, Psychology, IUPUI Tamika Zapolski